How to Install Command Block Structure

Introduction: How to Install Command Block Structure

In this you can learn how to install AWESOME Command Block Structure!!

Step 1: Download a Command Block Structure

I like to use people like McMakistein and others but just choose a command.

Step 2: Download Command

Ok. Scroll down and double click the giant command and you will see it highlight. Then do command+C on mac and control+c on windows to copy it.

Step 3: *Optional* If You Have a Resource Pack

You have to click the Resource packbutton. Then you have to drag it in to your Minecraft folder where you will put it in the resource pack folder.

Step 4: Get a Command Block

Then go in a Minecraft world (Best If Done In A New World) and type in the command "/give your player nameminecraft:command_block" switch out your player namefor your minecraft name.

Step 5: Place and Paste the Command

Then place down the command block and do command+v on mac and control+v on windows to paste it.

Step 6: All Most Done

Now click done and put a redstone block right next to it. Just note that if it dose not work look on the command page there might be a another command. If so then repeat steps two and five on that command.

Step 7: *Optional* Download the Pack

Click the ESC key and go to resource packs and click on the resource pack you want to download.

Step 8: YOUR DONE!!

Now you need to follow the persons instructions on how to use the command. Then you can have as much fun as you want! Good Job!

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    2 years ago

    Very cool minecraft project!