How to Install Custom Fonts in the TechShop Computer Lab

The computers at TechShop come loaded with a number of fonts that should be perfectly adequate for a number of purposes. But what happens when you would like to use one of the thousands of fonts that aren't installed?

If you've tried to install a font using the regular Windows method at TechShop, you've probably run into an error that says it "does not appear to be a valid font." Don't worry! There's an easy way to install it.

I made it at TechShop.

Step 1: Find the Font You Want to Use

There are lots of websites where you can download free fonts. For purposes of this Instructable, I'll focus on one of the most popular:

Once you have found the font that you would like to use, download it and open the ZIP file.

Step 2: Extract the ZIP to the Member Fonts Folder

Once you've downloaded the font, extract/copy it to the special Member Fonts folder (C:\Member_Fonts\Fonts).

Step 3: Run the Install Script

Once you've copied the font file to C:\Member_Fonts\Fonts, you can run the automated installer.

Just double click on Install Fonts.

You're done! The font should now appear in the dropdown of whichever program you wish to use it in.

Please note: Certain programs may require you to restart them in order for it to recognize the font.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I've found that I've needed to reload my fonts (even on the same computer) if I come back to it another day, so I've got into the habit of keeping a copy of my fonts on my thumb drive. Before I open my work file, I just load all the fonts off my drive.