How to Install Google Chromecast




If you are attempting to complete this guide participants will need: A television with a HDMI and USB port, a smartphone, a WIFI network, a micro-USB cord (long enough to reach the USB and HDMI port), and a Chromecast device.

Step 1: Grab Remote

Step 2: Turn on Television

Step 3: Grab the Chromecast Device

Step 4: Plug Chromecast Into a HDMI Port on the Television

Locate the HDMI port that is closest to the USB port and plug the Chromecast into it.

Step 5: Take the Micro-USB Cord and Plug It Into the USB Port

Pick-up the micro-USB cord and plug the USB end (bigger end) into the USB port on the television

Step 6: Plug the Micro-USB End Into the Back of the Chromecast Device

Take the other end of the micro-USB cord, the one you previously plugged in in step 5, and plug it into the back of the Chromecast. (The Chromecast should be in an HDMI port at this point)

Step 7: Locate Your Smart Phone Click the Settings Tab

Unlock your smart phone and find settings

Step 8: Click on the Category Labeled Wifi

Find Wifi in the settings tab and click wifi

Step 9: Turn Wifi on and Connect to a Network That Has Internet Capability

Select the network you wish to stream on and enter the password if applicable

Step 10: Back Out of Wifi and Re-select the Chromecast App

Return to the Chromecast app and the name of the network you connected to should be displayed on your smartphone

Step 11: Verify the Code on Screen Is Displayed on Your Television Screen

Cycle through your television input and select the HDMI input that you previously put the Chromecast

Step 12: Select the Current Region You Are Attempting to Watch Chromecast In

Click the tab and locate your current region

Step 13: Select the Desired Name for Your Chromecast Network

Click on the tab to type in the name you would prefer and hit the done button

Step 14: Continue Through to the "Browse Your Cast Apps" to Install

Setup is complete, now you need to continue to install a video app so you can stream on Chromecast

Step 15: Download an Application (Ex Netflix, Hulu)

Select the "Open App" after downloading (in this example it is Netflix)

Step 16: Select the Desired Show to Start Streaming

Click on the symbol that is a rectangle with a 4 bar WIFI in the bottom left of it (top right next to magnifying glass) and after clicking it, select a show to start watching on your television.



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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I'm happy Chromecast works for you. I paid $40 for a "Setup Failed" popup. :-(

    4 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Chromecast is very fickle I understand your pain! I am the grandkid of my family so I do all the setup. Is what is going on with yours, right when you plug it in, it instantly says failed?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I don't know if the message I sent before this went through but what part did you have difficulty with in setting up?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Sorry, no negative intent toward you! I have been in a running skirmish with Google since Christmas trying to set the little guy up- neither phones (2) nor laptops (2) get past the "Setup Failed" stage. Hours on the Forums and with tech support were a waste of time. I am too stubborn to quit, maybe one of my grandkids can make it fly! LOL


    Reply 2 years ago

    Sometimes getting your smartphone to connect to the device you have to turn it on/off for it to be discoverable


    2 years ago

    Good tips! :)