How to Install IKEA Table?

Introduction: How to Install IKEA Table?

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Today, I am going to show you how to make IKEA table. I mean, I bought Linnmon Table Plate and four OLOV telescopic legs to make these to seem table.

The need list:

1. Linnmon 120*60 table plate (In Istanbul Ikea - 120*60cm 49TL=17 dolars)(Self service 602.511.37 Raw23 Sector3)

2. Olov telescopic adjustable table legs (4 pieces each 30TL = 10 dolars)(Self service 102.643.02 Raw23 Sector4)

3. Screw driver (Chargable ones are suggested)

Total Fee: (TL = Turkish Lira KDV Dahil = VAT Included)

Linnmon = 49TL = 17.0354 Dolars

Olov = 30TL = 10,4298 Dolars

Olov = 30TL = 10,4298 Dolars

Olov = 30TL = 10,4298 Dolars

Olov = 30TL = 10,4298 Dolars

TOTAL = 169TL = 58,7550 Dolars

Step 1: The Parts

We have got four telescopic legs. These are in nylons now. These legs are for adjusting the height of table, soon I will show it how to use. Now, get prepare every need with your workplace.

Careful: Don't sit directly on the cold floor, you may sit on your legs to do any montages instead.

Careful: Don't lose your screws after unboxing and don't forget where to put them. So, you may use tea glass's plate to hold these screws in carefully.

Step 2: OLOV - Four Legs of Table

When you remove the nylons of each four legs, you can see these pictures. There are instructions paper, screws (5 pieces), and metal layer for attaching to the table. When you want to enlarge the legs's length you need to turn the thin piece inside to one way to release it, then adjust the length, then turn anti way to make it tight.

Step 3: The Montage of Metal

Let's use five screws and metalic layer to put them onto table's corner. On that corner, you may see five enough whole for screwing. Let's do it with your screw driver.

There is an order seems like a star for screws that let's you to put meanwhile you are screwing to make it in good way. So that it seems well and holds tight the grey metal.

Step 4: The Montage of Olov Legs Into Metalic Place

You may see there is a tiny screw in the olov leg's inner place. This is enough to go in through the grey colored metalic plate as the table's legs.

Now, turn the inside leg to open it to enlarge. If it is not extending, turn to other side.

When you want to keep it tight, you need to turn to other side, but if it isn't, you may hold cross to make is strength. That is important to hold tight the inner leg into the outer leg.

Step 5: The Conclusion

Now, you are ready to use your new table! don't forget to bring each nylons and papers into the Ikea's nylon to hold them then please recycle these.

That's all !

Step 6: BONUS: Reading This Instructable

NOTE: This instructable's step is aimed for visually impaired people to hear the sentences to learn what's going on here. Watch the video, it explains all steps.

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