How to Install LED Cabinet Lighting




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Adding LED strip lights to a work area is a cheap and effective way of lighting specific areas.

Step 1: Buy Yourself Some LED Lights

LED lights come in different lengths, some can be connected to make longer lengths. The pack that I used are made up of 4 lengths of 300mm that can be joined together to make one long length, and it came with a plug in transformer.

Step 2: Make the Frame

Measure the length and depth of the cabinets and make the u-shaped frame to these measurements. I used 18mm square stock, but you could also use something more decorative like moulding. I cut the corners at 45 degrees on the mitre saw and joined them using steel corner brackets.

Step 3: Attach the Frame to the Cabinets

Drill some counter sunk holes into the frame and screw it into the underside of the cabinets. Once attached sand everything down and fix any issues with the mitres.

Step 4: Attach the Strips of Lights

Clean the underside of the cabinet and stick the lights to the underside. Once this is done you'll need to hide the cable as best as possible. In my case I cut the cable and ran it through the inside of the cabinets then out again in the plug.

Step 5: Let There Be Light!



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    6 Discussions

    ezflyer N327LZ

    1 year ago

    Thank you Robin. Wife has been wanting extra lighting and your information will help us achieve her goal. Thanks

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Hi There

    Strip lighting is great under cupboard, hand rails, stairs etc. The fun begins when you automate them with soft start lighting, wireless remote control and then move to RGB to alter the colours. Well done with the lights....

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    We made that in our kitchen a couple years ago, And it's great! I also helped my grandpa to install these in their kitchen.

    My dad made these for me and my sister's desks, But I recently added a different "LED strip" type of lighting, Because I need a lot of light for making, And photographing my Instructables. The method I used would probably be better for places that need a lot of light. For your kitchen, It looks great!

    Just to let you know, You might want to add another strip of cool white, This will more than double the amount of light, But also make it look 10,000% better

    1 reply
    Robin LewisYonatan24

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for the advice. This was my first time using LED lights so I really appreciate the feedback. I plan on using them more in the future, video lighting is a great place to start!