How to Install Lightingever 12v Led Strip




Introduction: How to Install Lightingever 12v Led Strip

LE 12v led strip widely used holiday lighting, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Valentine Day, Halloween, Weddings, Parties etc. as well as decorative lighting for clubs, bars, garden, home, kitchen, studio, vehicle etc.

Let’s see how to installed? first, please be kindly informed that the total wattage of LED strip lights should not exceed the max wattage of this adaptor. Diameter of DC jack/connector: interior 2.1mm ; exterior: 5.5mm.

Step 1: Connecting Power to Single Colour Light Strip Without Dimmer

24W/36W/72W Power Adapter (not included, please search 5000067, 5000028 or 5000030) + 5M LED Strip lights(included)

Step 2: Connecting Power to Single Colour Light Strip With Dimmer

24W/36W/72W power adapter + RF dimmer (not included, please search 5000008 or 5000054) + 5M LED tape (included)

Step 3: Connecting Two or More Single Colour Strips With Only One Power in Parallel

N*24W Power adapter + RF dimmer + N-way DC splitter (easily get 1 on amazon) + N*5M LED light strips.We don’t recommend you to connect strip to more than 5M in series (may not work well because of the voltage drop).

Step 4: ​LE 12v Led Strip Lights Very Easy to Cut and Use With Lighting EVER Accessory. It Can Be Cut Every 3 LEDs Along the Cutting Marks, Without Damaging the Rest Strips.

1. How to Cutting? The cut points can be found every 3 LEDs, usually with solder pads. You can simply cut to the desired length using a pair of scissors along the cut point line.

2. How to Connecting? You can join/connect pieces of cut LED strips together using the solderless connector first.Open the plastic housing up;

second. Slide both sides of the LED tape into the connector;

third. Clip-on the connector into place until you hear a snap.

Notice: please choose the right connector for your strip.
Width: 10mm for 5050 tape, 8mm for 3528 tape; Pin: 2-pin for single colour strip, 4-pin for RGB strip

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