How to Install Mods Into Minecraft Forge on a Your Computer

Introduction: How to Install Mods Into Minecraft Forge on a Your Computer

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If you want to mod minecraft, READ THIS!

Step 1: Step: 1

First, what you need to do is download the forge virsion you want from the forge website. once downloaded, drag to desktop, then double click, (this will install forge for the version of minecraft you want to mod onto your launcher)and a small window called SimpleInstaller will appear and just click ok. it will add a version of minecraft. make a new profile and click edit profile, and switch versions to the forge version you installed. Hit play.

Step 2: Step: 2 Putting the Mods In.

Once your minecraft is open, it should say 3 mods installed in the bottom left corner, they are not really mods, the just help install the mods. Click in the options button on the main menu, and click the recourse pack button, then open your resource pack folder, several folders will show up, go to the mods one and put only compatible mods in there, and only for the version you are using. reopen your game and you will most likely have 4 mods installed. Comment if you have questions, if i can't answer your question, give me your e-mail and i will send a video how to install the mods.

Step 3: Step: 3 Follow Me for More Cool Tips, and Give Me Ideas on What to Give Tips On!


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    whoever favorited, thnx! I appreciate it! if you wanna lear more about minecraft, give suggestions on instructables to make! like how to use command blocks and how to het them.


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    If anybody has any questions, ask in the comments