How to Install Picture Frame Style Wainscoting




Introduction: How to Install Picture Frame Style Wainscoting

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The easiest way to install DIY wainscoting is to gather your molding and paint up front after creating a quick design plan. For our project, we used Finished Elegance by Woodgrain, available at The Home Depot. Why? Finished Elegance is the premier interior moulding line that comes pre-painted and is easy to install. Their products are finished on all four sides, so, depending on your project, it is ready to go without you having to do any work to it at all. Finished Elegance has so many different shapes and sizes of moulding that we knew their products were the way to go for this project and will make your DIY wainscoting project so much easier.

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Step 1: Cut Your Moulding

Determine how big you want your picture frame moulding to be. Select either a square or rectangular size that will give you an even gap between the underside of the chair railing and the top of the base boards.

Then determine how wide they should be by measuring your wall and making sure you can evenly space out your squares.

Cut your base cap moulding at 45 degree angles.

Step 2: Attach to Wall

Line the moulding up on your wall. Use a nail gun to tack them onto the wall. Use a level and measure twice.

Step 3: Caulk + Paint

Caulk any seams, nail holes, or gaps.

Paint the area if desired.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Moulding!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    I just love that wainscoting look on walls! Thanks for showing an easy way to do it :)