How to Install Python

Hello folks, I made an easy and complete instruction set on how to install Python. This will help you to install Python on to your personal computer very quick and easy. Some people having a hard time installing it for the first time. All users must have a general knowledge of computer. Please read all of the instructions thoroughly before installing.These instructions provide information on how to install Python on your computer.

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Step 1: Select Web Browser You Will Like to Use.

My recommendation is for you to choose google as your default browser, because it is easier to use and it is very popular.

Step 2: Go to Search Bar and Type

This will help you to visit desired home page of python software, and saves your time.

Step 3: Point the Cursor on Downloads and There Will Be a List of Windows Shows in List.

.Select the one according to your laptop. I have Microsoft windows laptop. Therefore, I need to go with the option windows.

Step 4: Selects First Latest Version of Python, Which Is 3.7.2.

Latest version will always updated and has new function in it.

Step 5: Scroll Down and Hit Downloads

This will direct you to the page where you have to download python software.

Step 6: Hit Install Now to Start Install Python Program to Your Computer.

Step 7: As You Can See in This Picture, It Will Start Installing Python to Your Computer.

Step 8: Hit Yes to Give It Permission to Make Changes on to Your Computer.

Step 9: Go to Start Menu on Your Computer and Scroll Down the List of Items and Click on Python Idle.

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