How to Install Radian Heating Foor Panels



Introduction: How to Install Radian Heating Foor Panels

A step by step guide on how to Install Insulated Radiant heating floor panels for PEX pipe installation.

Your first step to an in-floor radiant heating floor installation.

Step 1: Before Starting Your Installation:

- You will need to determine the number of Insulated Radiant PEX Panels you require, while each panel measures 29.1/4” x 491/4” the usable area of the panels are 24” x 48” or 8 sq. ft. per panel. Measure the total square footage of the installation area and divide this by 8 to arrive at the number of PEX panels needed.

- The Amvic Insulated Radiant PEX panel will accommodate 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾” and 1” PEX tubing.

- The radiant PEX panel is designed to accommodate a 3” on center pattern, your design layout will need to use the same 3” on center and multiples for you project.

- Ensure that your sub base is smooth, compacted and at the proper grade.

- Check your local building code to see if you require a vapor barrier if so this will need to be installed prior to starting your project.

Step 2: Lay Down the Panels

Start in the far left corner and working from left to right lay down the first panel so that the exposed interlock is to the right side and forward, note; you can lay the panels down either length or width wise along the outer wall. Continue to lay the panels ensuring that they are properly interlocked and are snug and aligned. When you come to the end of the first row you may need to cut the last panel to fit properly.

Step 3: Start the Next Row

After placing the last panel you will want to start the next row with a staggered pattern so that you do not have either rows or columns of panels, this will keep your installation tightly bound, more durable with less waste. To make the staggered pattern again starting in the left corner, you can use any piece that was cut from the last panel on the first row or cut a new panel in half. Place the second row panel ensuring the interlocks are snug and that the panels are properly aligned.

Step 4: Cut the Panels to Accommodate Columns or Walls

Continue to place the rows of panels maintaining a staggered running bond layout. It may be necessary to cut the panels to accommodate columns or walls. It may be necessary to glue the panels in places, use construction adhesive that is compatible with foam insulation such as LePage PL300.

Step 5: ​Install the PEX Tubing

Install the PEX tubing by walking it into the nubs of the panels according to your design layout; The Amvic Insulated Radiant PEX panels are specifically designed to properly seat the tubing to ensure that the concrete is properly encased around

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