How to Install Rounded Wooden Pillars on Jack Posts

Introduction: How to Install Rounded Wooden Pillars on Jack Posts

How to install custom built wood pillars around jack posts in your basement, Bring your basement dragging and kicking into style with these beautiful looking columns. Step by step instructions AND a video showing how it's all done.

Step 1: Taking Down the Old Pillars

The first step in this basement reno project was to take down the old square drywalled pillars. They were 14x14". Then we opened up the Home Depot custom orders pillars to figure out the next step.

Step 2: Adding the Bases and the Capitals

The next step was to tweak the base and capitals (bottoms and tops) that came with the orders. One of the pillars had to accommodate double jack posts which is why we went with large 12" columns. Hollow core made of pine. We had to cut out a bit here and there to make the pillars fit inside the base parts.

Step 3: Adding Column Side #1

With the bases and capitals installed we added one side of the wood column and screwed them into place. We weren't too worried about drill holes so we counter sunk the screws knowing we would fill them in with mud after.

Step 4: Adding the Second Half and Finishing Up

We painted good quality wood glue down the seams of the two sides then glued them together and clamped them. This let the glue set as we screwed the two together. Followed this up by filling the holes with mud and sanding. Lots of sanding to get that perfect smooth finish. The pine was finger-joint so we knew we wouldn't be staining so it was a lot more forgivable. Add a coat of paint (or two) and we were finished! And what a difference it made visually! Went beautifully with the rounded wall. See the video for more details.



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    5 Discussions

    Interesting as to how close the pillars are to the wall :o either way, great job!

    1 reply

    When we were finishing the basement, people told me just to square the wall around the pillars and give up the space near the rounded wall and popcorn niche. I'm really glad I didn't as it makes a huge visual difference and makes the room feel so much bigger the way we did it.

    Great looking transformation! If the builder had made the originals in a hex shape, which isn't a whole lot more expensive or harder than simple square, you may have been satisfied, but now...

    2 replies

    Actually the builder left it unfinished. The square pillars were my first attempt years ago when we made an apartment down there. Then we took it over and wanted to "do it right". Rounded pillars go great with the rounded wall beside.