How to Install Traxxas Battery Expansion Kit



This is how to install the aftermarket Traxxas Battery Expansion Kit for any Traxxas Rustler/Bandit/Stampede

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Step 1: Remove Body

Step 2: Remove Battery

Step 3: Remove ESC

Remove two screws and move the ESC to the side without stretching wires

Step 4: Remove ESC Mount

Remove four rear screws and take off ESC mount

Step 5: Take Battery Pins Out

The standard battery pins easily unscrew using the included traxxas multi-tool

Step 6: Add ESC Spacers

Find ESC mount spacers and install them with the included longer screws

Step 7: Put Back on ESC

When screwing back on ESC you may find the wires become a little short. Loosen the box where the wires come from and feed more out and problem will be solved.


Good job! Put your battery back in and you are ready to race.

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    Great first Instructable. Thanks for sharing with the community.