How to Install Trim in Recessed Lighting.




Introduction: How to Install Trim in Recessed Lighting.

Here is how to Install Trim to your Recessed Lighting

Step 1: This Is the 'housing' Unit.

I found it to be much easier to get the baffle mounted before having this installed.

Step 2: Release Bracket

I needed a trim that has a lense, so a little adjustment was needed in order to get the baffle piece mounted properly.
First, remove the wing nut, shown here.
Leave the electrical bundle attached.
In this case the lip you see on the L-bracket prevents the baffle from mounting.

Step 3: Making Adjustments

Squeeze the tension brackets at the underside of the mounting plate. This will release both plates, but you'll only need to adjust the L-bracket. Set the bracket on something hard, like cement (wood is too soft), and hammer the lip flat just around the light socket hole. The metal is relatively soft, so it doesn't take much. Reattach to mounting assembly.

Step 4: This Is the 'trim'

A lot of different elements are considered trim. A trim is basically the parts of a recessed lighting fixture that is NOT the housing. This one has the baffle (silver bowl looking thing), a lip (plastic ring that you see from the room you're in), a lense (the glass part that protects the room in case the bulb bursts), and a foam gasket.

One variation is no lense. With those there's little springs that mount the lip and baffle together. In which case you won't need to hammer anything, just push the mounting bracket back far enough for the lip to sit snug to housing. It will have to hook on after housing is installed.

Careful when ordering this part as it isn't always noted whether there's a lense. To be further aggravating, most are pictured with a bulb so it's hard to tell from that too.

Step 5: Detach Baffle From Trim Assembly

To remove baffle from trim assembly, find the notch on the edge of the bowl. Align that with the tension spring bracket on the back of the lip. Twist until the baffle walks itself off. Use more finesse than force, you don't want to crack the lip.

Step 6: Attach Baffle to Mounting Assembly

You'll see there is a couple of notches in the light socket hole. Squeeze the tension brackets at the underside of the mounting plate and add the baffle by aligning the tongs with those notches.

Step 7: Reattach Plate/baffle/mounting Assembly

Set L-bracket on screw and reattach wing nut. Careful! Edges are sharp!

Housing assembly is ready to be mounted in ceiling.

Step 8: Attach Lip\lense Assembly

After housing assembly is installed, take the lip assembly and gently bend back one of the spring arms (careful not to bend the arm, just the coil part).
Looking at the inner sides of the housing (outside the baffle), you should see two C braces. They should line up with the spring harness.
The ends of the springs on the lip assembly have a little bend. Compress the arms to slide the ends of the lip spring into brace on each side.
Gently push the lip assembly until it sits flush to ceiling.
Congratulations! You now have finished installing a trim.

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