How to Install WaveForms 2015 in OSX

WaveForms 2015 is a piece of software developed by Digilent intended for use with the Analog Discovery 2, Analog Discovery, EE Board, or Analog Discovery 2 NI Edition.

To see what comes in the box when you purchase an AD2 check out this unboxing.

It provides the User Interface for a 2 Channel Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Digital I/O and more. WaveForms 2015 is free to download, and Mac (Apple), Windows, and Linux compatible. This guide will go through installation of the software on OSX (Apple) after downloading it from the website.

Attached to this step is the video version of the instructable, in case you prefer to watch rather than read.

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Step 1: Open the DMG File

Expand your downloads and open the dmg file that you just downloaded.

Step 2: Open the Drive

A drive named WaveForms should have been created on your desktop. Click on it to open it.

Step 3: Drag the WaveForms Icon Into Applications

In the window that opens, drag the WaveForms icon into the Applications folder icon.

This will Install WaveForms in Applications.

Step 4: Open the FTDI Driver Install

Double click the FTDI driver icon to start the install.

The FTDI driver is necessary for WaveForms to recognize the Analog Discovery 2.

Step 5: Allow the File to Be Opened - Optional

Depending on your security settings you may need to go in and allow the file to be opened.

Step 6: Click Continue

The FTDI driver installer will open.

Click continue.

Step 7: Click Continue

Click continue again.

Step 8: Read and Accept the License Agreement

Read the license agreement and click I agree if you do.

Step 9: Click Accept

Click accept to confirm that you accept the license agreement.

Step 10: Pick the User for the Install

Pick the user that you want to install WaveForms for.

Click Continue.

Step 11: Click Install

Click Install.

Step 12: Click Close

Click close to close the installer.

Step 13: Open the Applications Folder

Open the Applications Folder.

Step 14: Open Waveforms

Double click on WaveForms to open it.

Step 15: Click Open

Click Open.

Step 16: Click Okay

When WaveForms first opens, if you do not have an Analog Discovery Plugged in, it will warn you that no device is connected.

That's okay.

Step 17: Open Demo Mode

We can run demo mode. Click on demo mode and click select.

Step 18: Open Oscilloscope in Demo Mode

Open the oscilloscope tool and hit play. You can see a square and sine wave being demonstrated.

Step 19: Plug in Analog Discovery 2 and Select Device

When you plug in the Analog Discovery 2 it will appear in the Device Manager.

Select that and you are ready to go!

Now that you have WaveForms 2015 you can move onto calibrating your device.

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    Very descriptive. Please change your title. iOS is for the iPhone. OSX is for Apple computers.