How to Install a USB WiFi Adapter on Windows 10 PC?

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If your PC does not have an inbuilt WiFi feature or if your PC or laptop’s internal WiFi adapter is no more in working condition or even if you do not get the desired speed from it, then the best option is to use a good-quality USB WiFi adapter for your PC or laptop. Here is the guide to install a Windows 10 USB WiFi Adapters on your Windows 10 PC.

I already assume that you have already purchased your WiFi adapter and are ready to install it. If you want some suggestions for it, then check this list of the best USB WiFi adapters for Windows 10. Now, let’s set up a wireless adapter to boost the WiFi signals.

If your system has needed drivers

Most of the USB WiFi adapters come as plug-and-play devices for Windows 10 PC. The latest Microsoft OS already contains minimal drivers for most of the devices just like every other Windows system. Let me show you how to install a USB WiFi adapter on your Windows 10 PC if your system has drivers already installed for.

When you have inbuilt drivers, then you can use the WiFi directly without downloading drivers for the adapter separately. If your system needs to upgrade the drivers, you can only go the manufacturer’s site or can simply do it from the Windows Device Manager. Check the steps below for more details.

One advantage of having drivers installed on PC is, you can directly use the wireless network through the WiFi adapter. You can choose the “Wi-Fi 2” as the secondary network which showed you due to the new wireless adapter. This option is displayed at the top of the wireless network list in the task bar.

After selecting this, reconnect to the network and you’re done.

Note: if you do not have any wireless networking device installed on your Windows 10 PC, then your system will automatically conduct the plugged USB adapter as a primary option.

If your system does not have drivers

Unlikely to its previous versions, there are no chances (except some rare cases) that your Windows 10 PC does not have drivers installed. However, there may be some instances where this happens. For the solution to this, you can apply a couple of methods to install the drivers correctly.

Step 1: Download Drivers on Separate Computer

Ideally, your laptop comes with a functional internal wireless adapter to allow you go online and look for the required drivers. If this is not in the case, you can download drivers by using a separate computer. To do this, go to the site of the manufacturer and navigate on the Support page or Drivers page. Find the package which contains the necessary drivers for completing set up.

After downloading drivers, transfer the file in a USB drive and plug it into the PC or laptop you want to use WiFi adapter for. Drag files to your local folder and extract them.

Open Windows Device Manager and find the name of your adapter in the list. You can find it in the “Network adapters” section. Make a right-click on it and select the “update driver software” from the menu.

A ‘Driver Update Wizard’ will open; choose ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ from the two options displayed on the screen.

Click on ‘Browse’ and select the local folder where you copied and extracted the drivers.

Now just sit back and Windows 10 will install the drivers by itself. After successful installation, the adapter will start looking for available wireless networks.

Step 2: Use the Installation CD

This method is the most common and obvious solution for installing the drivers on your own. Most of the USB WiFi adapters come with a driver CD. Insert the CD in your PC or laptop and it will display a window for installing drivers and third-party wireless tool for searching networks.

Every wireless adapter has something different than others, but one thing in common for all of them is, you can use them as a replacement of your dead internal card or if you want to boost the wireless speed of your network.



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