How to Troubleshoot HID Conversion Kit Not Lighting Up

Introduction: How to Troubleshoot HID Conversion Kit Not Lighting Up

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When you install an adapter for a HID Conversion Kit, you may encounter the frustration of it not lighting up. Here are a few troubleshoots that you can try to get the LED bulbs to light up after installing the adapter. The issue here is actually a textbook issue that people sometimes encounter so the solution is actually fairly simple. Trying these few troubleshoots should make your HID Conversion Kit installation as smooth as possible.

Step 1:

Why doesn't the HID Conversion Kit light up? Possible issues that could cause this include a loose connection and polarities. Before you can check the polarity, you have to make sure the connector and adapter are snapped in together properly. A reason why the connector doesn't completely snap in with the adapter is that the stock wire is hidden all the way underneath, which makes it difficult to get a firm grip on both ends to snap the adapter. You can work around this by pulling out the pins from the HID harness and directly insert the pins back into the stock adapter.

If you're wondering if this will cause the positive wire to touch the negative wire resulting in a short or if this isn't a secure way to connect the wires, all you need to do is use electrical tape to cover the positive wire's exposed bit and then repeat on the negative wire. Afterwards, use the electrical tape to secure them together and fold the HID harness over and use zip-ties to properly secure the wires to the adapter.

Once you're sure that the connection is secure, you can now check the polarity. If the adapter doesn't light up, it's probably a polarity issue. All you need to do is remove the adapter and flip it 180 degrees. Re-insert and try again.

Step 2:

Finally, if you have exhausted all efforts, there may be a hidden issue involving the fuse box. Check the fuse box if the bulb still doesn't light up after you plugged everything back. There is always a chance that the positive is touching the negative and popped the fuse. In every car, the fuse box and fuse location are different. Sometimes the fuse name is different. If you're not sure, you can always consult your driver's manual or ask for help on car forums.

Step 3:

At first, the installation may seem tricky, but when you understand the process and a few of the steps to fix the loose connector, you will realize that installation is actually pretty straightforward. It's pretty much just double checking all of the variables when you install the HID Conversion Kit.

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