How to Install an IPhone Keylogger




iKeyMonitor, the iOS Keylogger for iPhone and iPad that logs keystrokes, passwords, websites and captures screenshots, provides users with detailed guide about how to install it here.

Generally, you can install iKeyMonitor onto your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in following ways:

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Step 1: Install From Cydia Bigboss Source

1.Launch "Cydia"
2.Tap on the "Search" tab
3.Enter iKeyMonitor Keylogger and Search your input
4.Open iKeyMonitor page and tap on "Install"
5.Confirm your install and then Restart SpringBoard.
6.After installation, navigate to Safari and enter http://:8888 or localhost:8888 or :8888 to access the keylogger

Step 2: Install From IKeyMonitor’s Source

1.Launch "Cydia"
2.Tap on the "Sources" tab (or tap on the "Manage" tab and then on "Sources" when on iPhone)
3.Tap on the "Edit" button
4.Tap on the "Add" button
6.Confirm your input and wait for the source to be added.
7.You can then browse our repository by tapping on it to install.
8.After installation, navigate to Safari and enter http://:8888 or localhost:8888 or :8888 to access the keylogger

Step 3: Install With Custom Script

1.Open "Cydia", search and install
"wget", "gawk", "Mobile Substrate" and "openssh" (you will get Terminal on your screen after openssh is installed)
2.Open a terminal on your device or log in remotely via SSH.
(Note: you can use the SSH command-line client if you are on Mac/Linux or PuTTY if you are on Windows)
3.Type in these commands (each line end with "Return"):
$ wget
$ chmod +x
$ ./
(Enter your root password, mostly it is alpine)
4.If you get error for missing some environment files. Please search Cydia and make sure these packages are installed:
"pcre", "Tape Archive" and "Core Utilities"

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    My kids like to use my iPad to surf the Internet or play games, I downloaded a free trial iKeyMonitor and installed it on my iPad. It's very easy to install by following the step 1 instructions. It works invisibly, and is very powerful and amazing, beyond my imagination. I'm going to have a look on its websites.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I just downloaded a trial to my iPhone. It looks different now, more professional.
    Another tip, it's not necessary to finish all the 3 steps. Any one of them will get it installed. Step 1 is recommended. Good luck and have fun!