How to Integrate a Motor Into a Fischertechnik Drive Train

Introduction: How to Integrate a Motor Into a Fischertechnik Drive Train

This instructable demonstrates how to integrate a "found" motor (in this case a Tamiya electric motor) with a fischertechnik pulley drive train.

I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit Over the years I have struggled with integrating "found" motors in my models...for example I once inherited a box of Pittman motors, and I tried to fix a plastic spur gear on the motor shaft using a dremmel and a hot glue gun with inadequate results. Argh!

One of the advantages of the pin and slot fischertechnik system is the ability to easily integrate "found" motors into a drive train. Elements can be adjusted to fix motors and other assemblies into a model.

This is my first instructable!

Note: The CAD looking images were generated by LDraw/MLCAD and a fischertechnik elements library.

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Step 1: Step 1: Gather Elements:

You will need to gather your elements. The fischertechnik elements are available from a range of kits available from a fischertechnik retailer, and the specific elements can be purchased individually from In addition, you will need a "found" motor (I used a Tamiya available at, but any motor will do), two rubber bands, and a power supply (I used two hobbyist alligator clips and leads, a fischertechnik switch box and power supply, but there are less expensive options).

This is a demonstration, and you do not have to use this precise list of parts.

The List:
2 Large Pulley 60 (ft-31019)
3 Hub Nut (ft-31058)
2 Link 15 (ft-31060)
4 Building Block 15 with Bore (ft-32064)
6 Building Block 30 (ft-32879)
2 Building Block 15 (ft-32881)
1 Tire 32.5 (ft-34995)
3 Flat Hub Collet (ft-35031)
1 Building Block 15x30x5 with Groove and Pin (ft-35049)
1 Clip Axle 60 (ft-35065)
1 Clip Axle 75 (ft-35087)
1 Base Plate 120x60 (ft-35129)
1 Wheel 23 (ft-36581)
1 Building Block 5 (ft-37237)
1 Building Block 7.5 (ft-37468)
2 Belts
1 Tamiya or similar small motor

Step 2: Start the Base

Insert a Building Block 5 into the fifth slot from the end of a Base Plate 120x60. Insert the pin of a Building Block 15x30x5 with Groove and Pin into the first slot of the base plate. Be sure that the slots of both blocks line up.

Step 3: Continue the Base

Insert the pin of a Building Block 15 into the bottom slot of a Building Block 30. Slide the pin of the Building Block 30 into the slot of the Building Block 5 located on the base plate. Make a second building block combination, and slide it into the slot of the Building Block 15x30x5 with Groove and Pin.

Step 4: Add Building Block 7.5

Insert a Building Block 7.5 between the two posts, and secure it in place with two Link 15s.

Step 5: Secure the Motor

Slide the Tamiya motor between the posts, and fix it in place with the Building Block 7.5.

Step 6: Begin Drive Train Assembly

Insert a total of four Building Block 30s into the ninth and fifteenth slots, on both sides of the base plate.

Step 7: Continue Drive Train Assembly

Add a Building Block 15 with Bore on top of each Building Block 30.

Step 8: Continue Drive Train Assembly

Attach a Hub Nut onto a Flat Hub Collet. Loop a belt around the assembly, and hold it between the central Building Block 15 with Bores. Insert a Clip Axle 60 through the Building Block 15 with Bores and Hub Nut Flat Hub Collet assembly. Leave about 15 mm of the axle extending from the model. Tighten the Hub Nut.

Step 9: Continue Drive Train Assembly

Fix a Large Pulley 60 with a Hub Nut and a Flat Hub Collet onto the axle.

Step 10: Continue Drive Train Assembly

Loosely attach a Hub Nut and a Flat Hub Collet onto a Large Pulley 60. Stretch the belt from the Hub Nut/Flat Hub Collet assembly located at the center of the model over the pulley. Hold the pulley assembly between the two posts and insert a Clip Axle 75 through the Building Block 15 with Bores and the pulley assembly. Tighten the Hub Nut.

Step 11: Continue Drive Train Assembly

Put the Tire 32.5 onto the Wheel 23. Place the wheel assembly on the extended end of the Clip Axle 75.

Step 12: Finish Model

Attach power supply! The Tamiya motor should act as an input and the output wheel should spin!

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    12 years ago on Step 12

    Very nice! Maybe next time, shoot the video from "above" so we can see everything move. I liked the clear illustrations with notes - nifty!