How to Interrupt Your Arduino

In this video tutorial we will look at how to use interupts on the Arduino Uno, Arduino Pro Mini, and any Arduino using the Atmega 328. Interrupts allow you to react immediately to an external or internal event and execute a designated piece of code. Versus trying to constantly check for or poll for the event in your main loop. To get the Arduino Sketch used in this tutorial go to my blog

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    A couple things that I didn't mention in the video, but you should know if you are new to interrupts. The first is the underlying code in the Arduino libraries for the delay() function and the Serial functions use interrupts so you do not want to use these functions inside of your interrupts ISR (bad things will happen). Also keep in mind if you use the noInterrupts() function to turn off interrupts the Serial functions and the delay() function will not work correctly.