How to Juice Collard Greens or Anything Else Without a Juicer!


Introduction: How to Juice Collard Greens or Anything Else Without a Juicer!

This is a video that I made as my first instructable to show how I make collard juice at home without a juicer.  You should be able to use this technique for almost any type of juice.  I'm sure I didn't just invent the wheel here but I hope my own techniques can be helpful for anyone out there looking to start juicing but doesn't want to  throw down some major $ on one just yet. 

For collard juice, I use a little bit of 100% apple juice (no sugar or preservatives) just to get the blending process going and to help mask the bitter taste of the collards a little.  You can use any liquid you want but I find that apple juice to be the best tasting.  For fruits and vegetables that have higher water content you may not need any extra fluid at all.  

The video is pretty much self explanitory. I figured for my first instructable I should keep it simple.   Hope everyone enjoys!



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    12 Discussions

    there is a difference between a juice extracted by blenders(cut and grind, like you have demonstrated) and juicers that crush. see the video for more watch the difference

    any idea on how to extract juice, that retains maximum nutrient value

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    I agree, people seem to not know this, but that is why a juicer exists in the first place

    I can't watch the video at the moment (at work) so I'm going to assume that the instructions are to blend the veggies, and then strain them somehow? What did you use to strain them?

    I wish I would have seen your video before I bought my juicer. It is a pain to clean.
    Thanks for your video. I love your idea sooooo much better.

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    Thanks a lot man. I saw some guy doing juices on a video and he said he bought a 300 USD juicer and it was worth. I though "f*ck you, I bet someone at instructables as a cheaper way to make juice", I was right. I'm gonna make juice out of everything. Thanks a lot

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    Thanks, I'm glad you like it man. It worksgreat on just about everything. There is really no reason to spend a bunch of money on a juicer which is a uni-tasker that takes up a lot of kitchen storage space. A good powerful blender can perform just about anything you could want a food processor, blender, or juicer to do.

    This is a great video and so informative. Have you tried doing this with wheat grass or anything else? Thank you.

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    Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have tried it with other vegetables and it works very well. The fact that you need a small amount of juice to get it going may not be a goodthing for the juicing purist. However, I think that it really helps to get it going and helps in the overall taste of the juice since green juices usually need a little help in the taste department anyway. Using a carrot to help push everything down works well and gives the juice a sweeter taste. Enjoy!

    You bet. I hate spending money on something that has a cheaper, simpler, or more environmentaly friendly alternative. I feel cheated otherways. Best wishes to you.

    Thanks piwi3, kayaker hu? You know it works better when it's all the way in the water? You look way too comfortable on that thing missy.

    Wao! That's awesome. Thanks Fernando. It looks delicious. And good job on your first instructables!