How to Jump Off a Diving Board With Style




Have you ever wondered why you get to the end of the diving board and get too little air and don't have time to finish your trick? Well if you follow these instructions that wont ever happen again!


Step 1: The Approach

For the approach you will take about three medium paced steps to a spot two feet from the end of the board, your non-dominant foot should be forwards. Don't run, it wont make a difference or it will throw you off balance.

Step 2: The Jump an the Trick

So you about two feet from the end of the board. You bring the knee of your dominant leg up and use it to get a big jump to the end of the board. Then you push up with the board into the air. -Important- Don't even think about the trick your going to do at this stage. Once you have reached the peak of the jump then do your trick. If you do it to early you wont get as much hight and you will flunk.

Step 3: Repeat

Thanks for reading, hope you bust some cool tricks.



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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

     luckily for me I can do front flips and back flips into the pool without even using the diving board. I'm lucky about that because my local pool does not have a diving board


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for making this. I always try to do a flip but i never get high enough and end up doing a backflop. Thanks again! this really helps.