How to Keep Ants Away From Your Food

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you might live in a primitive cabin (like me), or be outdoors etc: here is how you prevent ants from building a super-highway to your food. its fast, simple, free:

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Step 1: The Wonder-weapon:

a plastic bottle. just pull it out of the trash, or, better yet, pick it up as litter.

Step 2: .... Snip Snip Snip ....

cut off the top-part (use scissors, knife, teeth..)

a n d

have a piece of wire handy (although you can also use a piece of smooth wood, see more below)

Step 3: Insert

the wire (etc) gently for some (under-cut*) hole in the bottle cap

* here done with a needle, or any other sharp-pointed object... undercut, because you want a ´natural seal´ to occur

Step 4: Support

not necessarily needed, but helpful to keep the gadget upright: use a second cap (or even a disk you can cut out of plastic, etc) pushed over the wire and down into the neck of the bottle - see photo below

Step 5: Hook It, Load It

form some simple hooks on the ends of the wire (obviously cut to any size you need).

turn the gadget upright, fill it partly with water (soit will create a barrier between the wire and the bottle-top the ants cannot cross)

hang it, wherever needed (f.e. a branch, or string, etc)

the hook below takes the ´load´ (a bag with food etc)

p s,

see note above: if you dont have wire use a piece of round smooth wood > not the ends so you can attach strings

Step 6: Done

.... sorry ants.... next time.... somewhere else....


ps, work less, play more

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