How to Keep a Diaper on a Toddler

Introduction: How to Keep a Diaper on a Toddler

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I'm sure we're not the first or last parents to do this to a kid.

Sometimes a kid isn't ready/interested in potty training for whatever reason, but still likes to take his pants and diaper off and make a mess.  This is what we do if he needs to be put in his room for a nap.  Please, no comments on how it's time to potty train him... I don't want to discuss it.

Items needed:

a toddler who keeps taking his pants off
zippered, footed pajamas

Step 1: Cut Off Pajama Feet

Find the elastic at the heels of the pajamas.  You'll want to cut below that and below the end of the zipper.  Cut off the feet of the pajamas.  The fleece doesn't need finishing at the edges; it doesn't unravel.

Step 2: Put Pajamas on Toddler

Put the pajamas on your toddler, but backwards.  Zip the zipper in the back.  That way, he can't reach it to take them off.

Now he can be put down for a nap without you worrying about washing all his blankets, pillows, and sheets later.  :)



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    great idea!! my 2 year old isnt ready to be potty trained and is sceard of the potty but keeps taking off her diaper!! :( well when she does take it off she like to make a mess with her diaper and make it snow with diaper stuffing :( lol i am one sad momma cause she always wants to do it ive tried duct tape, electric tape, scotch tape, three diapers the 1st is on the right way then the 2nd one is on the wrong way then the 3rd one is on the right way, and i even tried leggings with no feet and with feet( tights), bloomers that are a little small so she cant take them off (boy i was wrong) .. i really dont know what to do and she out smarted me each time... like u said i dont want any feed back of how she is ready to be potty trained when i know for a fact she isnt... and other than that i will try that... going to the store in the morning to buy a cheep pair of feety pjs from the good will place

    We took a slightly different approach.
    We put the PJs on the correct way, but put a small safety pin through the tab of the zipper at the top. my daughter didn't have the dexterity to open the pin, so the zipper could only move about an inch, at most.
    At first I concerned that the pin might open and poke her, but that never happened.

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    I have used the locking-style diaper pins as well... they won't usually pop open easily, and they do tend to keep the child out of the loop for a while longer until they figure out how to open that type of pin. :) Best wishes!

    LOL I never knew one to do that, but there's always one isn't there? he'll probably be great at small motor skills. LOL

    I use a onesie. Could ever figure out why they made them in 24 mos or bigger... No ya know!

    We've done that to our oldest (before seeing this of course!) and it only worked for a short period of time. She tiny and lanky and has managed to get one arm out, then twist and wiggle until she can reach the button and zipper in the back!

    I taped the diaper with duct tape when my kids were small. I put the diaper on backwards with my grandkids.

    However, I HAVE cut off the feet of PJs which were almost outgrown to get a bit more wear out of them. LOL

    with diversity comes enlightenment... that lightbulb must have lit up your entire city !

    I was SOOooo expecting to see duct tape in this ible :) Good thinking on your part. You could even sew the foot part back on and no one would be any wiser. Wish I had thought of this back with my three were in that stage.

    this is so smart!! Gosh I wish I had read this when my son was little! He loved to take his clothes off, problem was we lived on base and the heat was free...just not very warm. I used to get so frustrated when he would unzip his footies and run around naked, this would have fixed it!! Very smart!! Oh and don't sweat the potty training I think it's an age thing I noticed you have another child close in age. I had 3 like stair steps they all potty trained together, sorta peer pressure. But it meant that the oldest was late and the youngest was early at it. It'll happen don't worry. Then you'll need to worry what they're flushing my toilet when examined by the repairman once held a barbie, the end of a curling iron, about a doz. hot wheels, a comb, and lots of legos and little army men..

    I laughed the whole time I read your Instructable. Such a simple solution. If I had thought of this a few years ago, it would have saved me a lot of cleaning time, frustration, and laundry soap :)

    My cousins were tough nuts about the potty training too. Took forever for them to get motivated/trained.

    BUT, this is a great idea. I will definitely keep this in mind when I have toddlers who like to 'explore their world', as my aunt used to put it.