How to Kill a Time Lord

Introduction: How to Kill a Time Lord

  Killing a Time Lord or Gallifreyan is no simple task.  Often, they will just regenerate and seek vengeance.  However, there are ways to permanently end a Time Lord's life. The following methods are listed in order of decreasing effectiveness.

Warning:  Time Lords are EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT!  If you fail to kill them permanently, they will come back to life and defeat you.  If you are unable to complete any of the following methods, RUN! JUST RUN!

Step 1: Method One: Penetrating Both Hearts

Step One: Find a weapon.

Step Two: Gallifreyan Time Lords have a binary vascular system, with one heart on the left side of the body and one heart on the right.  Take aim for both hearts.

Step Three: Take your weapon and stab or shoot through both hearts simultaneously to kill your target.

Warning: Be sure you penetrate both hearts.  Otherwise, the Time Lord will just regenerate, in which case, proceed to Method Two.

Step 2: Method Two: Attacking Mid-Regeneration.

Step One: Attack the Time Lord in any normal way.

Step Two: Wait for the Time Lord to begin regenerating.  This will be seen as a yellow glow of the Time Lord's body.

Step Three: Once he has begun the regeneration process, fire again to kill the Time Lord mid-regeneration, preventing him from continuing the change and permanently killing him.

Step 3: Method Three: Using Certain Poisons

Step One: Find a Judas Tree.

Step Two: Extract Poison form it by taking some of its sap.

Step Three: Find a way to apply the poison to the Time Lord's skin.  Once it has been applied the skin will absorb the poison and prevent the regeneration cycle, terminating the Gallifreyan in thirty-two minutes.

Step 4: Method Four: Infect the Time Lord With Chen-7

Step One: Travel to the Two Streams Facility on the planet Apalapucia.

Step Two:  Once in the facility, enter the "Red Waterfall" section, symbolized by the red emblem..

Warning: Chen-7 is lethal to ANY race with a binary vascular system!  DO NOT go into red waterfall if you are of ANY TWO-HEARTED RACE.

Step Three: Take a sample of the Chen-7 pathogen.

Step Four:  Expose the Time Lord to the Chen-7 plague.  The Time Lord then has only one day left to live. 

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