How to Knit Stitches

  • Hold the needle with the cast-on in your left hand, and the other one in the right hand (1)
  • Insert the tip of the right hand needle into the first stitch of the left needle from left to right, front to back (2). The right needle should be under the left needle, in the center of the first stitch, forming a cross with the left needle
  • Hold the yarn in the back with your right hand (3), and wrap it around the tip of right needle, counterclockwise (4)
  • Pull the tip of the right needle through the first stitch on the left needle, towards you, with the wrap yarn on it (5-6)
  • Carefully slip out the left needle out of the first stitch (7). The new stitch should now be on the right needle



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    2 years ago

    I like that big chunky yard you're using :)