How to Knit a Scarf - Perfect Beginner Project

Introduction: How to Knit a Scarf - Perfect Beginner Project

Hello! If you ever thought 'I'd kind of like to try knitting, maybe I should knit a scarf', well then we've got just the Instructable for you. In this video, Charlotte from Wool and the Gang will walk you through each step of knitting a soft and chunky scarf.

We'll take you through how to:

* Cast on

* Do the knit stitch

* Repeat this row after row i.e. the garter stitch

* Cast off

In this video we use:

* Wool and the Gang's Crazy Sexy Wool - soft and chunky peruvian wool, knits up a scarf quickly

* 15mm / US19 rosewood knitting needles

Note: if you're using thinner yarn and needles, you'll need to cast on more stitches to make it wide enough, have a play around when you cast on your stitches, based on how wide you want your scarf to be

Step 1: Find the End of Your Yarn

Start off with grabbing your yarn, we've used our Crazy Sexy Wool, a lovely soft and chunky 200g wool ball.

Step 2: Make a Slip Knot

Stretch the end of your yarn, and measure out a meter from the yarn edge. Then, make a slip knot, this is basically how you get the yarn onto your needle.

Take your yarn, do a 'loop' with the right side of the loop sitting above the left, as in the image.

Take your left hand, put it through the loop, and lift up the strand of yarn. Pull tight, and you've got yourself a slip knot!

Step 3: Cast on 13 Stitches

Poke your needle (we use 15mm / US19 knitting needles) through the slip knot, and voila, you've got yourself your first stitch! Pull so the stitch sits nice and close on your needle - but not so tight that you can't move the stitch up and down the needle.

Now it's time to cast on.

Hold the needle up with the two strands hanging down. Pinch your thumb and index finger together and put them through the two strands of yarn. The rest of your fingers grab the yarn. Stretch your index finger and thumb out.

Then go under the thumb hoop, over and through the index finger hoop, scoop through the thumb hoop and release.

Repeat this until you have 13 stitches on your need. If you use smaller needles and thinner yarn, you'll need to cast on more stitches to make it wide enough.

Step 4: Knit in Garter Stitch

Start with the empty needle on the right hand (if right handed), and knit each stitch on your left needle the same way: the humble knit stitch. When every stitch, on every row is knit in this way, it's called the garter stitch. Make sure the knitting is pointing downwards.

Poke your right needle through the top stitch on your left needle, upwards.

Wrap the yarn around your right needle once, scoop it down through the stitch on the left needle, and slide the stitch off your left needle. You've now knit your first stitch - well done Gang!

Now, keep knitting this same knit stitch, until you have all stitches on your right needle. Then swap the needles so your empty needle is in your right hand, and continue doing this row after row. Repeat until your scarf measures .. well.. as long as you'd like! Fully up to you and the amount of yarn you have free.

Step 5: Cast Off - the Final Step

When you feel you're ready to cast off i.e. finish your scarf i.e. when it's long enough, follow these steps and you're minutes from your finished piece!

Knit two knit stitches. Then, with your left needle, scoop the first stitch i.e. the one you first knitted over the second one. When done right, you should only have one stitch on your right needle. Do this until you have only one stitch left, then pull the yarn. DONE! Cut the yarn so you have a 30cm strand left, and use this to weave in the end into your scarf. You are all done :) Yay!

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    2 months ago

    I've seen this on YouTube, it's good


    4 years ago

    What size needles are those?

    Wool and the Gang
    Wool and the Gang

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi Bantiarna
    These needles are our 15mm / US19 rosewood needles. Will add that to the instructable tutorial right away.