How to Knit With Pom Pom Yarn


Introduction: How to Knit With Pom Pom Yarn

About: A knitter who wants to do crafts and share.

Step 1: Supplies

Pom Pom yarn
Knitting needles
Yarn needle

Step 2: Check the Needle Size

Mine said size 4 needles

Step 3: Starting Off

My method is putting the yarn on the needle and twist once.

Step 4: Adding More Stitches

Take the next strand where there aren't Pom Poms and twist and put it on the needle.

Step 5: Stitches

I put on 12

Step 6: Start to Knit

Knit like you would normal, but you will use the the next strand to knit with.

Step 7: Keep Knitting

Keep knitting till you wish to cast off.
You will cast off like normal. Then you are done :) enjoy!



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    As im knitting my pom pom yarn i have noticed the lines of pom poms are not clean and the odd pom pomis showing in addition. I feel like the stitches are very loose for the size of needle recommended.