How to Knot a Butterfly by Macrame




Introduction: How to Knot a Butterfly by Macrame

Body and wings are made with the macrame square knot technique, which is also called 'cobra knot' or 'Solomon's knot'; and the head is a 2 strand diamond knot. It is based on the butterfly in JD Lenzen's book: Paracord Critters: Animal Shaped Knots and Ties ( (( I wasn't patient enough waiting for the postman rowing over the ocean with my book in his backpack, lol. I loved the butterfly so much, so I started to experiment. I thought it was knotted like the dragonfly, so I started upside down, and made another lovely butterfly :-D ))

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Step 1: Gather Your Stuff:

lighter, spike, scissors, tape measure, and 90 cm paracord (Arctic Camo if you want the same). The spike also can be something pointy like an awl, a big nail, a knitting needle, ... it makes tightening the head and pulling the wings more easy.

Step 2: The First Half Square Knot

The loop under is the middle of the rope, 2 loops start the first half macrame square knot. Tighten so, that the loop under is 7 cm.

Step 3: 2 More Half Square Knots

Add 2 more half square knots (remember to change direction to have non twisting square knots)

Step 4: Square Knot at Bottom

Make the next 2 half square knots at the bottom of the loop.

Step 5: Push Up and Adjust Wings Width

Push that last made square knot up, and wham, you suddenly made wings :-) Dress up till your wings are about 3 cm: loosen last 2 half knots, push some cord in to have a larger wing, and/or pull some out to have a shorter wing.

Step 6: Ends Through Loop

Insert both ends through the loop under, each from a different side

Step 7: Morph Top Loops

Pull out the tiny starting loops evenly, until the bottom loop has disappeared, morphed into 2 wings at the other side.

Step 8: Add a Head

Make a 2 strand diamond knot for the head

Step 9: Cut Antennas

Cut and singe the ends as antennas.

Step 10: Finally

Admire what you've made, or pick up the cord spaghetti and try again; and, of course, you can ask me questions about it too ;-)

Step 11: T-shirt-yarn Variation

you'll only need one 2 cm wide strap of a cotton jersey T-shirt, 70 cm after stretch-curling (remember to cut parallel to the hem band (the bottom seem), and don't use ribbed jersey fabric; or the magical curling by stretching won't work ;-)

so with 70 cm T-yarn: 4.5 cm loop under _ 2 top loops to start _ 3 half square knots under top loops _ 2 half square knots at bottom of loop _ push up _ ends through loop from opposite sides _ pull up tiny top loops _ 2 strand diamond knot as head _ a overhand knot in each antenna _ cut off rather short.

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    lol I thought it was done by Paracord but I just seen its Macrame and its funny cause I have no idea what Macrame is lol ShirCraftalot, question is it the same as paracord?


    Reply 4 years ago

    it is made with Paracord 550, Arctic Camo, but the body is knotted with macramé square knots, a kind of knotting technique, also called 'cobra knot' or 'Solomon's knot', I hope this helped you (and I will add it in the tutorial to help others too) ;-)
    I added 'macramé' because my mom and I dearly love butterflies, and I love knotting too, so there might follow others in other knot techniques :-D
    Thank you for the 'back-up', helping me to improve :-)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Ohh OK. I thought I saw a cobra knot but really wasn't sure. Thank you :-)

    Kite builder
    Kite builder

    4 years ago

    I cannot see how to make the 2 strand diamond knot for the head.

    there is no picture from this knot in loose state


    Reply 4 years ago

    hi Kite builder, I didn't include how to make the diamond knot, the internet is loaded with it, Google "diamond knot two strand", and you get plenty ;-)
    And I'd love to see your result, don't be shy and show off :-D