How to Lano Your Woolies



Using solid lano to prepare your woolies

  • Please remember that this is ONE way to lano. You will need to adjust for your water type/preference/needs.

Step 1:

Start by heating your water in a mug in the microwave.

Step 2:

Scoop your lano.


1 tsp of solid lano is good for one soaker/shorties/longies....1 tbsp can be used if lanoing more wool at once.

The amount of lano that you use has a lot to do with personal preference and water. Trial and error is important.

Step 3:

Have your CLEAN and PRE WET wool ready. It is always best to lanolize inside out to prevent lano spots. If you do experience lano spots, rub them in.

Step 4:

Dump in lano and wait for it to melt.

TIP: If experiencing hardened lano "spots" leave lano for 30 minutes or so to sit.

Step 5:

Leave until the lano is melted.

Step 6:

Add emulsifying cube, baby wash, or wool wash. The amount you may need to fully emulsify the water will depend on the water. Add enough that when stirred the water becomes milky.

Step 7:


Step 8:

And stir....

Step 9:

And keep stirring until there are no more lano bubbles and the mixture is nice and milky.

Step 10:

A nice milky mixture

Step 11:

Fill your clean sink with water.

TIP I use luke warm water, however some have found that cold water works best for them. Again trial and error. If you are struggling with pieces that bleed, colder water is better.

Step 12:

Add lano mixture to your sink

Step 13:

Mix the water lano bath

Step 14:

Nice lano bath ready for woolies!

Step 15:

Put your wool in the bath :) Let soak for 30 minutes to hours.

ALWAYS lano similar colors together. Lights should NOT soak with darks.

Step 16:

Let water drain and squeeze out water.

Step 17:

Roll the wool up in the towel to soak up even more water.

Step 18:

Hang dry. Happy lanoing :)

Step 19:



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