How to Led Mod N64

If you like the classic look on your n64, but want a change every now and then This is the instructable for you.

Step 1: Open It Up

Now in this step there's three ways to do this
1: use a 4mm hex screwdriver or bit
2: buy a gamebit set or
3: as we have all seen melting a pen
After you have decided what method to use open it up and take of all of the plates

Step 2: Tesing

Get a 3v battery and some 3v leds. When you have opened up you n64 you can see the part where the red led shines through. Put the led on the battery one peg on top the other on bottom and stick it next to the plastick piece see what you like

Step 3: The Work

Once you get to the board take of the red led
Connect one wire to the negative and one to the positive. Run the wire underneath the board to the other side where the switch will be. Run separate wires to each of the two leds.
When you hook up the wire to the switch hook all the negative wires to the center peg on the switch. Run two wires one from each side of the switch so when you flip the switch one light will come on and the other will go off.
When you have done that run the leds back over to the front and fix them to where they can both shine through good i used electrical tape

Step 4: Drilling

On the back of the n64 is where i would suggest that you put the switch. So get the drill and just drill a hole for the switch to go into
As you can see im a real drill master

Step 5: Done

Put it all back and turn on the best n64 song ever. Enjoy!!!



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