How to Lie Efficiently




Introduction: How to Lie Efficiently

About: hi! I'm 14, and I am good with women, like fire, beleive in the power of the elements, and can lie like a sonnuva... well, you know. Anyway, I'm a nice guy who's here to help.

This Instructible is my first, so please go easy on me. I have been lying for a long time, I am not bragging, and although not exactly considered a saintly act, lying can be an extremely useful skill to have. Yes, lying a skill. Please I beg you not to judge me by a skill I happen to be good at, I like to think of myself as a good person, and no, I'm not lying.

Step 1: Stay Relaxed

Nothing gives you away faster than panicking! Maintain a normal posture, and don't worry, if you worry, you'll panic, and if you panic, there's no turning back.

Step 2: Do NOT Go Into Detail

People tend to get into too much detail when they lie, trying to convince the other person, or persons, into beleiving what they say. This is an easy trap to fall into, but the trick is to think, IN YOUR MIND, that you have to be somewhere, you have things to do. This helps you stay quick, and to the point. DO NOT phsically act as though you have to be somewhere because you may accidentally be short with the person you are lying to, causing them to become irritated, and therefore, less likly to WANT to believe you. Also, if the person you are lying to tends to ask a lot of questions, they will want to know where you are going, and then you must create more lies, and it can get VERY confusing.

Step 3: Remember Your Story

This is VITAL to a succesful lie, as people will often try to test you. Also, this makes sticking to the point(step 2) MUCH easier. If you completely forget a part of your story, wipe it out ENTIRELY. It is much easier to forget then to try to patch it up and be, more than likely, wrong, and exploited.

Step 4: Let It Go

When you are through with your lie, CASUALLY change the subject,preferably to somthing the person likes to talk about, which ensures that the person's mind makes as little contact with your lie as possible.

I would like to apologize for the lack of photos, I will most likely change this Instructible in the future to improve and add helpful photos. This is my first Insructable, so please tell me anything I can improve, despite the photos. Thank you for reading, and I hope this has been helpful.

Hi josh , yes its really me



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    Well, i like the truth of this. How ironic. I do want to warn people though, lying often, especially with these methods can lead to development of compulsive lying, as well as self-deception. I had trouble with this a while back, to the point where I would make up stories and even begin to believe them.

    you are very correct in the whole set just I thought it would be nice to put in the first step not to figit most people will figit because they know they are wrong its the rush it ties into the panicing part ...just thought u might want to add it in figiting is a way for people to keep there mind offf of somthing but at the same time u dont kno ur doing it ....nice instructable kudos! i cant spell either... but u should kno what im saying

    I find if you lie a lot, it is often good to tell the truth but "panic" so the other person does not believe you and makes a big deal of it. When they find you are not lying they will believe you more often.

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    when a lot of the times I lie people think i am telling the truth but when I tell the truth they think I lie half the time

    Liars always loses, One never wins..not ever. One person said that Lying and stealing always goes together.

    ur hands should also not be behind ur back and palms should be facing the person...acting calm and comsed does help but if the "crime" is quite big then it should be u should be calm and composed in the begining and and whn replying explode saying u think i hav done it hw can u think that i hav not done that and then again repaet it works for me....

    This is a tough one, I think I'll stick to the truth. Like Mark Twain said, if you don't lie you never have to remember anything... honestly, that's not exactly what he said, and I'm not sure he even said whatever I'm misquoting. I just never lie, it's easier. I like your comment about skill, as I believe skill can be developed, but talent comes naturally. How was that? The change of subject is subtle there, no? I think I learned a lot from this.

    hahahahahaha and if you wear a jacket alot, get into the habit of keeping your hands in the pockets that way you avoid touching your face, twitching and that weird sensation in your arms like they are about to fall off. and only look away if there is a noise behind them that they can hear also . and maybe make a minor "wtf" expression and wiggle your toes if you feel like twitching. and if you are sitting down(like in an interrogation room, not like on CSI but like a small room in the school resource officers office.) never bounce your legs up and town. if you have to clench all the muscles in your feet and release without moving. and if you are on stand as a witness or the guy getting prosecuted and you are asked a question that you need to think about ask for it to be repeated and cough when they repeat it and ask for it to be repeated again. then apologize and ask for some water. this should give you enough time to think about it. always do this when you are on stand: give the prosecutor/cross examinator a taste of their own medicine. question the meaning of the question. pick apart their reasoning behind the question. even if you know why they are asking the question, still find a way to question it. but dont do this to questions that can be answered with a yes/no,like this: where you at walmart on the 27th? but you should do it to yes/no questions that arent directly linked to what has been discussed. like if the whole(or most) of the questioning was based around you being at walmart and then they ask you a question like"now was caleb at best buy?"

    how do i know this realy is efective? are you lying? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OWNED!!!!!!

    When you say efficiently do you refer to the efficiency quotient of (Volume of lie)/(Volume of hot air)? Should I believe your answer? This represent a quandary.

    i agree with molly, but too much eye contact can be a dead givaway. thank you for commenting anyway!

    you forgot some very important points, not being critical, just would like to add, as i too believe lying to be a very important part of one's life. and necessary of course. NEVER EVER EVER TOUCH YOUR FACE WHILE YOU ARE LYING most people don't trust 'tells' which could be twitching, scratching, rubbing or anything to do with your hands on your face. the higher up on your face you touch, the farther away from the truth your statement is... just a suggestion...

    I'd like to add something, Look directly at peoples eyes AT ALL TIMES when you talk to them, do not move your eyes to the side or anything like that, even if it's just for a split second, because eye movement is a dead giveaway. I lie all the time. Lying is fun , and useful, especially when it involves murder. :~D