How to Light Up Your LEGO World




Introduction: How to Light Up Your LEGO World

Learn how to add LED lights to your LEGO creations in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Build Awesome LEGO Creations

Create anything you like with LEGO or other major brick brands

Step 2: Purchase Equipment Needed

Purchase what you need for your build.

1. Lights - You can choose from many different lights including a single 1x4 LED light, a 4 in 1 rope of LED lights as well as lamp posts and more.

2. If you have lots of lights you will need a hub switch

3. To power everything you will need portable battery charger

You can find all of these items at

Step 3: Light It Up

1. Using the LED lights place them on the ceiling of each floor in your building. Try and hide the wires as much as possible.

2. Plug the USB lighs into the hub and then the hub into your battery charger

3. Hit power and see your city come to life!



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    4 Discussions

    You do realize soldering LEDs and using a 6v wall war to power them is dirt cheap

    1 reply

    This method requires no tools and is super simple. Could probably do it in a different way, but to be able to light up your city in less than 10 minutes is fun!

    Beautiful looking model! In the past I just used old white led Christmas lights.

    How long have you been working on your model?

    Have a great day! :-)

    1 reply

    Thank you! This entire city was done over winter break:) Family project