How to Live an Aesthetic Life by Wearing, Eating, Traveling By, and Listening to Specific Colors for a Week




Introduction: How to Live an Aesthetic Life by Wearing, Eating, Traveling By, and Listening to Specific Colors for a Week

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For seven consecutive days, we chose a single color and attempted to dress in that color, eat only foods of that color, listen to music related to that color, and generally make as many choices as possible1 to conform to that color.

Monday - Red
Tuesday - Orange
Wednesday - Yellow
Thursday - Green
Friday - Purple
Saturday - Brown
Sunday - Black and White

While an artist might undertake such a regime for "high art" and a celebrity might do so for neurotic needs-attention-itis, we did this because it sounded like fun, presented an interesting culinary and sartorial challenge, and it made a good story and an even better Instructable.

Here's how we did it, including recipes and tips for successfully navigating a monochromatic dressing- and eating-disorder.

1 Thinking in the color didn't go so well, but we did try.

Step 1: Red Pomegranate Raspberry Smoothie - Red Day Breakfast

For Red Breakfast, we made a raspberry pomegranate smoothie. Cranberries would have been nice, but we were out.

Approximate ingredients:
pomegranate rooibos tea
frozen raspberries
psyllium husks (for body)
rice protein powder
pomegranate syrup
cashew macadamia nut butter
egg whites
sea salt

Steep the tea and dissolve the chocolate in hot water for 5 minutes. Let the chocolate tea mixture cool. Mix all ingredients together and blend until smooth.

Turn on your red playlist, and drink while wearing red and holding your red sweatshirt. Get angry. Look for a red car to borrow.

Step 2: Red Day Music

We searched our music archive for "red" and came up with plenty of candidates. Pump that red music!

  • A Red Letter Day - Pet Shop Boys
  • Electric Church Red House - Jimi Hendrix
  • Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Little Red Corvette - Prince
  • Little Red Rooster - The Rolling Stones
  • Little Red Rooster - The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Not The Red Baron - Tori Amos
  • Red - Sister Machine Gun
  • Red All Over - Die Warzau
  • Red And White - Anastasia
  • Red Dust - Zero7
  • Red Elephant - Sunny Day Real Estate
  • Red House - Jimi Hendrix
  • Red light - U2
  • Red Meat Attraction - Leaether Strip
  • Red Moss - Boards Of Canada
  • Red Red Sun - INXS
  • red right hand - Nick Cave and the bad seeds1
  • Red Sector A - Rush
  • Red Sensing - Three Mile Pilot
  • Red Tide - Rush
  • River Runs Red - Midnight Oil
  • Roxanne - The Police
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
  • World Looks Red - Sonic Youth

1Favorite song of the day. Christy kept putting it on repeat.

Step 3: Drive to Work in a Red Car

If you don't already have a red car, borrow one from a friend or neighbor! They'll be much more accommodating when you explain the importance of your endeavor.

Step 4: Red Curry, Red Baby Octopi, and Red Tea - Red Day Lunch

Red day lunch included:
Red Curry with Chicken and Vegetables
red baby octopi
red pomegranate rooibos tea

On our first day of living an aesthetic life, we had lots of explaining to do. Christy even got to tell Tim, with great joy, "No I can't eat that; it's not red."

Rachel was excited beyond belief, and upset she didn't get the memo ahead of time. Zach seemed a bit concerned, but it was his first day. Salad Club had Thai take-out, some of which was red, so they get half-points. Not bad for no warning. You might recognize Mitch's scarf from such instructables as: The instant hat and scarf from an airline blanket.

Step 5: Tomato Soup With Fish Balls and Red Wine - Red Day Dinner

The end of Red Day was a success, with a simple tomato soup. We ate that and prepared meals ahead for the rest of the week.

It turns out there are lots of good red foods, more than we could make in one day. Some other things from our list:
spicy tuna sashimi salad (spicy tuna w/o the roll)
roasted red peppers
tomato salsa
blood oranges
Cranberry sauce, pie, or cobbler

Tomato Soup with Fish Balls:
2 onions, chopped
handful garlic, chopped
black pepper
2 Knorr chicken+tomato boullion cubes
6 roma/plum tomatoes, chopped
large can whole tomatoes in juice (chop into chunks with spoon or fingers)
can tomato paste
water as needed
handful mushrooms, finely chopped
1 package cuttlefish balls

- Saute onions and garlic until soft.
- Add pepper and boullion cubes, and stir until dissolved.
- Add fresh tomatoes and stir until covered in seasonings.
- Add canned tomatoes, and water as necessary to thin the paste.
- Add mushrooms, and simmer until everything has cooked down. Adjust seasonings.
- Add cuttlefish balls, and simmer until heated through.

Hit the Red playlist again (or just turn on Red Right Hand on repeat), and sit down to dinner in all of your red gear. Pretend you like drinking red wine. Serve sriracha (rooster sauce) as your only condiment.

Step 6: Sweet Potato Pancakes, Pumpkin Pie, Oranges, and Orange Juice - Orange Day Breakfast

Orange is a pretty common breakfast color. Instead of relying entirely on standard items, we experimented with something new: Shredded Sweet Potato Pancakes with Coconut Milk.

Instructables has a ton of great pumpkin pie recipes. Pie for breakfast is always good.

Hopefully the OJ and orange segments are self-explanatory.

Step 7: Orange Day Music

While creating the Orange Day playlist -- which was lacking in its overall number of songs -- it occurred to us that a few bands who tend to name their songs after colors were going to be over represented in this experiment.

  • Agent Orange - Depeche Mode
  • Agent Orange - Tori Amos
  • Appels + Orange - The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Orange Blossom Special - Cash, Johnny
  • Orange Crush - R.E.M.
  • orange hexagon sun - Boards Of Canada
  • Orange Pony - Hilt
  • Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit - Sonic Youth
  • Orange Romeda - Boards Of Canada

Step 8: Ride to Work in Orange Style

Ride your orange bicycle to work!
Don't get Rachel's fuzzy orange coat caught up in the spokes. It's dangerously fuzzy.

Step 9: Carrot Ginger Soup - Orange Day Lunch

It was a slight struggle to keep carrots out of every meal on orange day. But, they got their place in Ginger Carrot soup for lunch. We added orange fish balls from the 99 Ranch, an enormous asian supermarket chain, and the dregs of Monday's tomato soup for color and efficiency (since we can't eat leftovers this week!)

Eat tangerines and dried persimmons for a snack.

Having been inspired by Red Day, more people at work joined the second day of aesthetic life week. In fact, Rachel brought in additional orange clothing and wig, which Christy wore all day - even while giving a tour to a group of web design students!

Mitch was in charge of Salad Club lunch, so he made lots of soup and everyone got to eat orange food with us.

Step 10: Paint Your Office Orange

Paint your office orange, and get an orange couch.

Fortunately, Fiona already did this to Pete and Corwin's office. So, we worked out of their office for the day.

We don't think they even noticed.

Step 11: Salmon With Capelin Roe, Sea Scallops, and Pumpkin Pie - Orange Day Dinner

For dinner we had Pan Fried Scallops and poached salmon with orange sauce and capelin roe.

Again, there were many orange options that didn't make it:
Orange smoothies (OJ, carrot juice, ginger juice)
Spicy salmon sashimi salad
Orange peppers
Mango lassi

Dinner Prep:
- Use this scallop recipe with red pepper, chili powder, or paprika as the primary ingredient in the seasoning mix.
- Deglaze the pan with lemon or lime juice, and use this as the base for your orange sauce. Add coconut milk for body, red curry paste for color and flavor, and some sriracha (rooster sauce) for kick. Add salt, and adjust seasonings to taste and for proper orange color.
- Meanwhile, poach a salmon fillet in white wine. Remove it when almost cooked through, as it will continue cooking on the plate.
- Cover salmon in orange sauce, and top in capelin roe. Dot the scallops with capelin roe, and settle them in on top of the orange sauce.

Turn on your orange playlist, wear your orange clothes, and eat your orange food.

Step 12: Corn and Onion Frittata and Pineapple - Yellow Day Breakfast

Corn and Onion Frittata

On yellow day, we slumped in front of our computers. Don't forget the yellow playlist, and try to surf only yellow sites. Look jaundiced.

Step 13: Yellow Day Music

"Yellow" wasn't turning up much music from our archive, so we extended the Yellow Day playlist to include sunshine, gold, blonde, and lemon. Ooh! Some cross-over songs with Black and White Day!

  • Almost Gold - The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Black Gold - Leaether Strip
  • Black Sunshine (LP Version) - White Zombie
  • Bloodletting (the Vampire song - CONCRETE BLONDE
  • Coming Up Roses (Headcase Medipac's Red Star, Yellow Star Mix) - Curve
  • Days Were Golden - Sunny Day Real Estate
  • Beige Sunshine - The Dead Milkmen
  • Fields Of Gold - Sting
  • Lemonaid - Flip Phillips
  • Gold - The SugarCubes
  • Golden Boy - Primus
  • Golden Playpen - INXS
  • Hits of Sunshine (For Allen G) - Sonic Youth
  • Lemon Crush - Prince
  • Nervous Tension - Lemon Jelly
  • Silver And Gold - U2
  • Suicide Blonde - INXS
  • Sunshine and Esctasy - Tom Tom Club
  • Sunshine In The Rain - Mighty Blue Kings
  • Sunshine Recorder - Boards Of Canada
  • The Gold Bug - Wolfson, Parsons
  • Yellow Sunshine (explosions in) - Hilt
  • You Are My Sunshine - Norman Blake
  • You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Stevie Wonder

Step 14: Ride to Work in Yellow Style

Be sure to ride a sweet yellow Ducati, complete with yellow impact jackets and yellow helmets.

Of course we all fit on Mitch's bike! Why do you ask?

Step 15: Yellow Curry - Yellow Day Lunch

Go out for a business lunch, and insist that the person you're meeting with also eat a yellow meal. Check out Matt from Popular Science with his Yellow Chicken Curry!

Christy and I skipped our rice, because, well, it wasn't yellow. Thankfully Le Cheval is all about the yellow food.

Step 16: Talk Shop With Other Yellow Citizens

Talk shop, generally do what you would normally do, all while wearing yellow. Gesticulate wildly.

Step 17: Banana Macadamia Nut Muffins - Yellow Day Afternoon Snack

Among the people at Squid Labs, it's pretty common for someone to make a batch of cookies or other baked goods with the intention of only eating one, and pawning off the rest on unsuspecting victims. Colin and Jess are particularly notorious for this behavior.

On Yellow Day, Colin attacked with banana macadamia nut muffins he had made the night before. We determined they were yellow enough to be acceptable.

Step 18: Chicken Garbanzo Curry and Coconut Corn Soup - Yellow Day Dinner

For all the golden sunshine that yellow day was, we were still feeling behind on our work and in addition to slumping in front of our computers for breakfast, we slumped in front of our computers for dinner.

Dinner was chicken garbanzo curry and coconut corn soup with capelin roe and chili oil.

Again, we skipped a number of great options:
Yellow squash
Yellow peppers
Curried cauliflower with red lentils (red lentils turn yellow when cooked)
Egg custard

Coconut Corn Soup:
Finely chop two onions and a handful of garlic, and saute in canola oil until soft. Add two boullion cubes, two cans of sweet corn, and a dash of spicy paprika. Stir, and just when it's starting to stick add a can of coconut milk and a bit of water to dilute as necessary. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the mixture has thickened/reduced slightly. Adjust seasonings for flavor and color, and serve hot with a scoop of capelin roe and dash of chili oil.

Chicken Garbanzo Curry:
You can start with this chicken curry recipe, just be sure to only use yellow-compatible veggies. I used two onions, a handful of garlic, curry, three cans of garbanzo beans, 1.5 lbs chicken, a chicken boullion cube, spicy paprika, and some water. Saute the onions, add the curry for a minute, then the chicken for a minute before the rest of the ingredients. Simmer until thick, and adjust seasonings.

Start up that yellow playlist again, and keep your yellow gear on for the meal.

Step 19: Green Eggs With Pesto and Green Tea - Green Day Breakfast

Almost exactly a month too early for St. Patrick's Day, we started Green Day off right with Garlic Spinach Egg Crepes with Pesto, Green Tea, and insipid yet catchy lyrics from Green Day.

The eggs turned out beautifully, and 3/person was about right. We discussed whether it's appropriate to just eat the pesto with a spoon, but decided to save the rest for dinner.

Step 20: Green Day Music

Here's a hidden benefit of a monochromatic playlist!: While searching the music archive for "green" I didn't turn up any Green Day. It turns out we never managed to encode that disc, so we dug it out of the bookcase of old CDs and quickly added it to the library. It's likely we would have otherwise never noticed it was missing!

  • 2000 Light Years Away - Green Day
  • Big Green Espace - Gesina, Pierric
  • Blue in Green - Miles Davis
  • Call Me (Come Back Home) - Al Green
  • Christie Road - Green Day
  • Crystal - DJ Greenhead
  • Devil With The Green Eyes - Matthew Sweet
  • From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea - The Cure
  • Green - The Dandy Warhols
  • Green Grass Grows All Around - Mighty Blue Kings
  • Green Haze - Miles Davis
  • Green Love - Hilt
  • Green Man - BARDO POND
  • Island In The Sun - Weezer
  • Monument in Green - Big Head Todd & The Monsters
  • Mr Natural - That Green Jesus - Fatboy Slim
  • Shaft In Greenland - The Dead Milkmen
  • Welcome To Paradise - Green Day

Step 21: Ride to Work in a Green Car

Here's Mitch's (dark) green car!
It still counts as green, so we carpooled1 to work in green style.

1 Carpooling makes it extra green.

Step 22: Split Pea Soup, Pesto, Salad, and Guacamole Chips - Green Day Lunch

We made very basic split pea soup for lunch, only to find Benji had jumped on the bandwagon with all-green lunch for Salad Club! We contributed our soup and joined the fun.

Split Pea Soup:
Chop and saute two onions, add pepper and a pair of boullion cubes, then stir in 1.5 cups of green split peas. Stir about until they're slightly toasty and starting to stick, then deglaze the pan with a bit of sherry. Add water to cover. Simmer, check, and stir periodically, adding more water as needed. Turn the heat lower as the split peas soften, as they're more likely to stick and burn. They're done when cooked through and somewhat mushy. Adjust seasonings and water to make it as thick or thin as you like.

Green Day at Salad Club:
Benji made penne with pesto, an all-green green salad (lettuce, cucumber, green apple, celery), and salsa verde (tomatillo salsa) served with some rather scary guacamole-flavored chips covered in green guac powder. The guacamole chips were as close to cheating with food coloring as we got.

Step 23: Chicken Chili Verde, Spinach Salad, Guacamole, Sesame Broccoli, and Sauted Zucchini - Green Day Dinner

zachninme and his dad joined us for an all green dinner. Imagine flying across the country to spend a week working for some weirdos you met on the internet, joining them for some ridiculous monochromatic-based eating disorder dinner, and then remarking on how delicious it was. What good sports!

Chicken Chili Verde
Sauteed zucchini
sesame broccoli
spinach salad
kiwi fruit (for dessert; halved and eaten with a spoon)

Things we didn't get to today:
Green beans
Kiwi/grape smoothies
Vegetable juice
Seaweed salad
Lime anything
All those other green veggies

Sauteed zucchini:
one onion, chopped
6 cloves garlic, chopped
5 small zucchini, cut into ~1cm cubes
two handfuls shiitake mushrooms, cut into ~1cm cubes

- Saute onion with garlic until translucent
- Add rosemary, salt, and pepper
- Add mushrooms and zucchini by handful, stirring to warm and incorporate
- Cook until both veggies are cooked through and soft, but before they go mushy.
- Adjust seasonings and serve

Sesame broccoli:
~3 cups chopped broccoli florets
handful garlic, coarsely chopped
2T sesame oil + 1T canola oil
sesame seeds
1/2 lemon or one lime, juiced
salt & pepper

- Saute garlic in sesame/canola oil mix over med-high heat until it browns at the edges and starts to soften.
- Add broccoli florets, and stir quickly to coat with oil.
- Add salt and pepper, stir again, and cover for one or two minutes to let broccoli steam.
- Stir, add sesame seeds, and cook until broccoli is just cooked through.
- Add lemon or lime juice, adjust seasonings, and serve immediately.

Spinach salad:
Start with this recipe for inspiration.
We used only green toppings (cucumber, oxalis, chives, scallions) and made a basic lime vinaigrette.

Step 24: Blackberry Blueberry Smoothie - Purple Day Breakfast

Get dressed in your purple shoes and dye an old Instructables t-shirt purple while you're at it, kick up your purple playlist, and start the day off right with a purple fruit smoothie!

Mitch made this one with blueberries, blackberries, OJ, and a couple of bananas for body.

You may notice there was no Blue Day - that's because all blue foods turn purple when cooked. We didn't want to eat an all-fresh-blueberry diet just to prove the point, so we've just lumped it in with Purple Day. We like purple, and Friday was the 22nd - perfect.

Step 25: Purple Day Music

Purple was also a little light on music, so we added plum, grape, and violet.

  • Gus Gus - Purple (Sasha V. The Light) - Paul Oakenfold
  • Over The Electric Grapevine - Primus
  • Plum Dumb - The Dead Milkmen
  • Plumbicon - Monolake
  • Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
  • Purple Rain - Prince
  • Purple Stain - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Ultra Violet (Light My Way) - U2
  • Violet - Seal
  • Violetta - Miles Davis
  • What do you Think of the Guy In the Purple Chicken Bunny- - Fly Ashtray

Step 26: Beets and Steak and Purple Cabbage Slaw - Purple Day Lunch

Salad Club was on hiatus on Thursday, so we shared our purple lunch with all and sundry as long as they were dressed in PURPLE. I had to loan Zach my jacket so he could eat.

Beets and Steak:
Roasted beets, chopped (use the instructions from this beet salad recipe)
2 onions, chopped
handful garlic, chopped
1.5 lbs stew beef, chopped
beef boullion cube
2T red wine
~3T coconut cream (Or sour cream, though you'd have to add it later - just before serving.)
Salt & pepper

- Saute onions with garlic, salt, and pepper until soft
- Brown beef, and add boullion cube
- Deglaze with red wine, and add coconut milk.
- Add beets, and simmer until all is hot and cooked through.
- Adjust seasonings and serve warm.

Purple Cabbage Slaw with blue berries:
Use a food processor with grater attachment to shred a small head of purple cabbage and 1/2 a purple onion. This is your base; anything else you add is to your taste. Here's what I used.
- 1/2 cup hummous (Mayo would also work as a fat/binder, but we were out.)
- 1 beet, diced small
- 1t dijon mustard
- 2T coconut cream
- 2T sweet pickle relish
- 3T frozen blueberries
- salt & pepper
There were probably more interesting things, but I didn't write them down at the time.

Step 27: Beets and Steak, Purple Cabbage Slaw, Purple Potatoes, and Blueberry Pie - Purple Day Dinner

For dinner, we added purple potatoes with coconut milk and a blueberry pie.

Mitch made mashed potatoes with purple potatoes. He may have added a bit of leftover beet juice to kick up the color, the sneaky cheater. Christy made a basic, very quick blueberry pie with frozen berries and a pre-made crust.

Here's what didn't make it:
Purple cauliflower
Extremely ripe blood oranges
Purple yam (There's still a package of this stuff in the freezer!)
Eggplant doesn't count, as it loses the purple color with cooking.

Blueberry Pie:
- Add berries to fill pie crust.
- Add ~1T cornstarch, and toss to coat.
- Add zest and juice from one Meyer lemon, a dash of allspice, and 1T Irish Cream; toss to coat.
- Cover with topping, and bake in preheated 350F oven until just golden-brown on top.
- Cool and serve.

This is basically a cobbler/sugar cookie topping.
Beat 1 stick softened butter with 1 cup sugar until fluffy, then add a dash of vanilla. Beat in one egg, 1t baking powder, a pinch of salt, and any spices. (I used cardamom and allspice.) Beat in 2/3-1 cup flour, checking consistency as you go. It should be sticky cookie dough texture.
Pile on top of your pie, and smooth into place.

Step 28: Turn Your Urine Purple or Red by Eating Too Many Beets

Beets contain a number of antioxidant red pigments called betains. Betains can also be yellow, and, in addition to beets, are found in chard, amaranth, and prickly pear. The body has only a limited ability to metabolize the molecules, so a double dose of beets on purple day resulted in a variety of harmless urine colors ranging from pink to red to purple.

Did one of us really pee in a jar and post a picture on the internet, or is this image just some beet-dyed water? We're not sayin'...

Step 29: Brown Day - We Just Couldn't Take It Anymore

Brown day breakfast and lunch were both failures. We just couldn't take it anymore.
We were tired of cooking without being able to eat leftovers, and had visitors to entertain.

We were scheduled to have chocolate smoothies for breakfast, but skipped breakfast altogether due to apathy and oversleeping.

Peanut sauce with chicken and mushrooms was planned for lunch, but since Christy's aunt was in town from Miami we went out to eat Ethiopian food at Cafe Colucci instead. Lots of the meat and sauces were brown, though, and the injera could be brown if you're colorblind... we'll ignore the rest. And no, you don't get a picture!

We did manage to at least dress in brown. Having brown hair helps.

Step 30: Brown Day Music

Even though we couldn't bring ourselves to make a brown breakfast, we did make a brown playlist. Since Brown Day occurred on the weekend, I sure wish the playlist were longer -- we listened to this over and over and over!

  • Blue Charlie Brown - Vince Guaraldi Trio
  • Brother Where Are You? - Oscar Brown, Jr.
  • Brown Gargantuan - Quicksand
  • Charlie Brown Theme - Vince Guaraldi Trio
  • Do The Brown Nose - The Dead Milkmen
  • Fly Me To The Moon - Vince Guaraldi Trio
  • Funk Soul Brother - Fatboy Slim vs James Brown
  • Linus and Lucy - Vince Guaraldi Trio
  • Mr. Brownstone - Guns N' Roses
  • Sweet Georgia Brown - Django Reinhardt
  • Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Primus

Step 31: Fennel and Celery Soup - Brown Day Dinner

Just as we were hitting our low, family came to the rescue. Christy's aunt Tere was in town briefly, so Christy's cousin Barb joined us for dinner, and knowing we were in the midst of a monochromatic eating-disorder, brought a brown fennel and celery soup.

Now we're back on track!

Of course, the original plan called for Meat with Caramelized Oions and baked beans, but that was scrapped in favor of family gossip and the aforementioned soup.

Other brown things we didn't eat:
Mole sauce
Peanut sauce
Beef stew
Kidney beans
Most any red meat
Whole-wheat bread

Step 32: Almonds - Brown Day Snack

Eric really loves almonds. Especially unadulterated dry roasted almonds. Almonds are his standard, "I'm a little hungry but want to keep writing Instructables rather than eat" snack. He probably eats at least a handful every day.

All week he'd been craving almonds, but hadn't eaten them because they were the wrong color. (There was only a bit of whining.)

On Brown Day, we finally got to eat almonds. Yum!

Step 33: White Gazpacho and Onion and Mushroom Frittata - Black and White Day Breakfast

Having hit the emotional and color low on Brown Day, and with the end in sight, and with a refrigerator full of colorful leftovers that might not last much longer, we were energized and ready to hit Black and White Day with everything we had.

Breakfast started with
White Gazpacho (made from almonds, cucumbers, and asian pears)
Onion and White Mushroom Frittata
Black Olives

Eric wore a black-and-white houndstooth check shirt, while Christy just wore black, figuring she's white enough. Mitch wore his favorite creative commons sweatshirt and keffiyeh.

Onion and White Mushroom Frittata:
Finely chop a white onion, a handful of garlic, and white mushrooms.
Saute onion with garlic until soft, then add the mushrooms. (Of course, we forgot how brown the mushrooms can turn - removing the gills would keep them whiter.)
Turn the pan down to low, add the egg whites, and go take your shower. Come back in 15-25 minutes, and when the center has just solidified put the pan under the broiler for a few seconds to finish the top.
Serve immediately.

Turn on your black-and-white playlist (who knew there were so many versions of that Michael Jackson song in our archives?), wear your black-and-white gear, and eat your matching breakfast. Read the news, and revel in your new-found clarity on complex issues. Consider joining W's administration for a day.

Step 34: Black and White Music

Black and White Day has the best music. Maybe the music sounded so good because it was the last day?

  • Black and White - INXS
  • Black Celebration - Depeche Mode
  • Black Ego - Digable Planets
  • black fluid - Front Line Assembly
  • Black Gold - Leaether Strip
  • Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
  • Black Hole Sun - Paul Anka
  • Black Is Black - MC Hammer
  • Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair - Nina Simone
  • Black or White (Single Edit) - Michael Jackson
  • Black Sun --Fat Buddha - Paul Oakenfold
  • Black Sunshine (LP Version) - White Zombie
  • Chemical Calisthenics - Blackalicious
  • Cyberium (On Speed) - Razed In Black
  • Dressed in Black - Depeche Mode
  • Fade to Black - Apoptygma Berzerk
  • Finally Black - Amy X Neuburg
  • Harsh Stone White - Skinny Puppy
  • Honey White - Morphine
  • Just Let It Go - Razed In Black
  • Strobelite Honey - Black Sheep
  • Thin White Line - Gridlock
  • White Room - The Overlords
  • White Sun - NEWT
  • White Trash (2nd Generation) - Bad Religion
  • White Wedding (Part 1) - Billy Idol
  • Winter Pains It White - Rotersand

Step 35: Go Where Ever You Need to Go in Black and White Style

Go wherever you need to in a black Volvo wagon. (Mitch and Eric went kitesurfing at Alameda. The sand there is whitish, and their wetsuits are mostly black.)

When you run out of room in the wagon, switch to a roomier black and white motorcycle.

Step 36: Black Chicken, Squid Steaks, Black Beans, and More - Black and White Supper and an End to This Madness

End the madness with a black and white feast!

Braised Black Chicken
Squid Steaks
Black beans & Turkey (prepped separately)
Cauliflower with rice noodles and black bean paste
Black olives
Glutinous rice balls with sesame seed paste

Of course, there are many more things that didn't make it:
Olive tapenade
White rice
Black rice
White bread
Black garlic
White sesame seeds
Poppy seeds
Toasted seaweed
White fish
White beans
White corn

Braised Black Chicken:
One black chicken, cut into quarters. (I made a heavily modified version inspired by theserecipes.)
- Chop and saute a large onion with a handful of garlic.
- Add spices: two pieces star anise, a sprinkling of whole cloves, 1/2 teaspoon whole coriander seed, 1/2 teaspoon whole brown mustard seed, several chunks of fresh ginger, a chicken boullion cube, and a generous sprinkling of allspice, cardamom, and ground black pepper.
- Add chicken, and brown lightly.
- Deglaze with ~3T soy sauce, ~2T mirin, and 1/4-1/2 c red wine, then mix in a scoop of black bean paste. Bring to a simmer, and make sure there's about an inch of liquid in the pot.
- Cover pot and turn to low.
- Cook for 60-90 minutes, until chicken is cooked through and sauce is reduced. Finish with the lid off to reduce further if necessary.
- Serve over rice noodles.

Squid Steaks:
Squid needs to be seared quickly, or else cooked on low for >30 minutes. The middle ground yields rubbery squid.
Since we had all sorts of wonderful sauces, I quickly pan-seared the squid in a non-stick pan without seasoning, producing a plain white protein patty you can cut with a fork. It's a bit like tofu, chicken breast, or egg whites, really - a very simple substrate for other flavors.

Turkey Breast:
Chop an onion and saute with a handful of garlic until translucent. Deglaze with a bit of white wine when necessary. Add 2 lbs ground turkey, and cook over low heat to avoid unnecessary browning. (We want to keep this as white as possible.) Add salt & white pepper to taste.

Black Beans:
Chop an onion and saute with a handful of garlic until translucent. Add a boullion cube, then deglaze with a bit of red wine when necessary. Add two cans black beans, drained and rinsed. Stir and cook down on low as long as possible, adding a bit of water or wine as needed to keep from sticking. You really want the beans to lose their shape and break down into a tasty, pasty goo. Adjust salt & pepper, and serve when you like the taste/texture.

Cauliflower with noodles and black bean paste:
Chunk and steam the cauliflower until just fork-tender. Soak rice noodles in hot water until soft.
Chop an onion and saute with a handful of garlic until translucent. Add two scoops of black bean paste, and stir in noodles. Add a dash of soy sauce and mirin to prevent noodles from sticking, and stir in cauliflower. Add salt, pepper, and sriracha to taste. Add more bean paste or soy until it tastes good. Serve immediately.
This would have been better served separately and mixed on the plate, as it turned brown in the pot. Alas. We still counted it as black-and-white.

Glutinous rice balls with sesame paste:
I bought a frozen 10-pack for $0.99, but you can make your own - they're basically a sweet paste of ground seeds wrapped in a simple dough of rice flour. Drop the frozen rice balls into boiling water, stirring about so they don't stick to the bottom of the pan. When they float to the surface, they should be cooked and warm all the way through. Remove with a slotted spoon and serve hot.

Step 37: Lay Around on a Black and White Floor and Discuss How Awesome You Are for Doing This

Yeah, we're awesome.

Step 38: Rainbow-colored Conclusions

This is what we learned.

1) Matching clothes and food means spills go unnoticed.
2) Leftovers are awesome! We missed being able to eat leftovers.
3) Cooking new food for every meal, every day is hard work. See #2.
4) Theme days at work are fun!
5) Rachel has some pretty insane clothes. And yes, she made most of them.
6) The SF bay area has pretty awesome fresh food and ingredients available. We like eating local.
7) Blue foods turn purple when cooked, and you can't eat raw blueberries all day.

We'd been talking about doing this for a few months, and it was awesome to execute and do it. Even better was the enthusiasm of the people around us who said "that sounds kinda cool - I'm in for a day!"

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    246 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I know you did this a long haul ago, but I had to comment simply because it made me grin like an idiot (and considering I'm on the final slog of a brain-killing bout of influenza... rather desperately NEEDED that grin!) - I don't think I could do this myself, at least not the dressing one color a day until I get my closet rebuilt (lost 120+lbs and neglected to buy clothes as I went so I'm now scrambling to not freeze my bits off as I create new clothes) but reading and seeing how you threw yourselves into the idea AND work/live with folks who's reaction is a "Ah, okay. Bit different, but looks like fun. Can I play?" is just awesome to see. An absolutely spiffing reminder that you are supposed to have and spread fun in your day to day life - not just grind through it. Brilliant!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You guys should've watched old black and white movies on the last day.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    No "Paint it Black," no "Back in Black," no "Deep Purple" songs! Hoo boy, do they not know music in SF?

    Admittedly, that project was no easy one, so good job.


    9 years ago on Step 34

    Whiter Shade of Pale needed to be in there. For the spacey effect.


    9 years ago on Step 30

    Hey, no Brown-eyed Girl? Shame on you.
    And you know, the opening line of California Dreaming should have qualified it to be on the list.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Did you use cameras of the appropriate color for this ible.

    here are the traditional colours

    Monday (Lundi / Moon day) white, pink
    Tuesday (Mardi / Mars day) red
    Wednesday (Mercredi / Mercury day) purple, silver
    Thursday (Jeudi ? Jupiter day) Green
    Friday (Vendredi / Venus day) blue
    Saturday (Samedi / Saturn day) black
    Sunday (Dimanche / Sun day) orange, yellow, gold


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    As far back as I can remember (around 5 years old) I have always had different colors (in a textured pattern) associated with the days of the week.

    I seem to match closest with Monday and Thursday on your list of traditionals. :)


    12 years ago on Step 2

    Awesome and what not, but how could you forget Red, Red Wine by UB40?!


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 2

    Very first thing I thought after looking at the list of songs. :D


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 2

    Totally, how could you have a list of 'red' music, and have nothing from the band called, simply, "Red"? lol.  They're one of my favorites.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    More tinted tunes:
    (courtesy of 'dofo and I. we were bored and browsing through itunes.)

    "Red Sweater" - The Aquabats
    "99 Luftballons" - Nena
    Red Blood Cells (whole album) - the White Stripes

    "Orange" - the Dandy Warhols
    Agent Orange (any album)
    the Oranges Band (any album)

    "Mellow Yellow" - Donovan
    "Watching that Chair Painted Yellow" - the Twilight Sad
    "Who Loves the Sun?" - the Velvet Underground

    "Green Corn" - Leadbelly
    "Everything's Gone Green" - New Order
    the Green Album (whole album) - Weezer
    Adam Green (any album)

    "Blue Velvet" - Bobby Vinton
    "Blue Monday" - New Order
    "Song for a Blue Guitar" - Red House Painters
    "Mr. Blue" - Yaz
    "Am I Blue?" The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
    the Blue Album (whole album) - Weezer

    "Purple Toupee" - TMBG
    "Violet" - Hole
    Deep Purple (any album)

    Black and White
    "Black and White" - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Black Tongue" - the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "Paint it Black- the Rolling Stones
    "Black Velvet" - Alanna Myles
    "White Riot"- the Clash
    the White Album (whole album) - the Beatles
    the Black Album (whole album) - Jay-Z
    Black Flag (any album)
    Barry White (any album)

    Seems like it was quite the amazing experiment, I must say. I'm turning all kinds of colors with envy.


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 2

    whatt about any song by the white stripes?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    a few friends did something kind of like this where we ate the foods of certain colors for each day of the week and we called it rainbow food week. But this looks like alot of fun, Great Instructable!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Eric; So YOU're the one invented Instructables... nice to meet you.

    I like the listing of music for each color.

    Can you say more who each of the people are in the pictures with you

    Cheers for this ridic... um, I mean inTRIguing instructable ;)



    9 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry if this was already commented on, but neither white nor black are colors. One is the absence of and the other is the complete collection of colors. i'll leave you to determine which is which.


    9 years ago on Step 16

    The whole yellow thing should be second nature to me, as I live in Amarillo, TX but I still despise the color. You did it splendidly, though!