How to Long Tail Cast On

Introduction: How to Long Tail Cast On

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Did you ever wonder how to cast on & get those stitches onto your knitting needles? Or would you like to refresh your casting on skills?

This cast on method will give you a nice, even cast on that is slightly stretchy! This is one of the first cast on methods I used when I first learned to knit!

So grab your needles & yarn, and let’s get started!

You can watch the video above or you can follow the photo tutorial…or both!

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Step 1: ​Begin by Tying a Slip Knot Onto Your Needle

Make sure you leave a long enough tail for the project you are working on. If you don’t know how to make one, you see my tutorial on how to tie a slip knot!

Step 2: Insert Your Index Finger and Thumb Between the Two Hanging Strands.

Step 3: Wrap Your Remaining Three Fingers Around the 2 Hanging Strands Firmly

Step 4: ​Spread Your Index Finger and Thumb and Hold Open, Keeping Slight Tension on Yarns

Make sure slip knot on needle is held back from the tip to prevent slipping off, and hold in place with index finger on your right hand.

Step 5: Insert Your Needle Under Bottom Strand at Thumb

Step 6: Lift Strand With Needle

Step 7: Pull the Strand Up, Do Not Remove Lifted Strand From Needle

Step 8: With Lifted Strand Still on Needle, Go Over Upper Strand on Index Finger

Step 9: Lift Up Strand With Needle

Step 10: Bring Strand Through Opening Near Thumb

Step 11: Remove Thumb From Strand

Step 12: Pull Down on Both Strands Until Stitch Is Firmly on Needle, But Not Too Tight. Stitch Should Slide Smoothly and Freely on Needle.

Step 13: That’s It! Repeat Steps 1-11 for Each Stitch You Need to Cast On

Have fun and just keep practicing if you don’t get it at first! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below!

Happy Knitting!

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