How to Lose Your Faith in Humanity

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Ever need to make yourself feel smart compared to other people? Well then you've come to the right place mate.

Step 1: Build Up

Slowly build up your faith in humanity by viewing heartwarming photos such as the ones found here:

Step 2: Sit

Sit down and complentate life for a few years. Be prepared for the moment when you lose your faith in humanity.

Step 3: Get Ready

Be prepared. Make sure you have plenty of room to be smart compared to the rest of humanity.

Step 4: Almost There

It's time.

Step 5: Inhale Deeply





Step 6: Lose Your Faith in Humanity

Go to a link such as

Step 7: Be Smart

(Compared to every other idiot)



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    2 years ago

    "contemplate" is the correct spelling good human!