How to Make 3 Cute Pairs of Earrings!




Introduction: How to Make 3 Cute Pairs of Earrings!

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Today I'm going to show you how to make three different types of earrings. So, it's a sort of 3-in-1 instructable!

Hoop Earrings

Zipper Earrings

Penny Earrings

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Step 1: Gather Materials for the Hoop Earrings.

You will need:

Two wire circles that overlap slightly. To make them, wrap them around something with a small diameter (spice jar, soda bottle neck, etc) or buy "memory wire" from the store - the kind that stays in a circle shape. However, memory wire is frustrating and sometimes hard to bend or work with. (Note: I always use aircraft stainless steel lockwire because it's easy to work with, strong, and reliable

Two jump rings. Aim for smaller ones. And, of course, in case you're used to losing them or destroying them, (and even just to be careful) make sure to have extras nearby.

A pair of earring hooks. Any kind will do - but make sure you or the person you're making them for IS NOT allergic to the what kind of metal the earring is made of/plated with.

Pliers. I like using pliers WITH a wire-cutter at the end, like the Leatherman pictured, but you can use a pair of pliers and a wire-cutting tool as well.

Different kinds of beads. Get funky! Use different colors and shapes. The two kinds of beads pictured are the ones I'll use during this one.

Let's get started!

Step 2: The Wire Circles.

Make sure your circles are approximately the size you want your "hoop earrings" to be before starting - not enormously larger, not waaaay smaller.

Start by grabbing the end of the wire with your pliers and slowly curling the wire around the pliers, doing this until you have something similar to the third picture.

Next step!

Step 3: The Beads.

This is probably the easiest step.

On these earrings, there's some bead decorations, so it's time to put them on! However this step is optional if you don't want beads (but I recommend them because they look cooler!) Slip on your beads in any order.

Next step!

Step 4: Closing the Loops.

Close the open side of the wire, so your two hoops should look something like the ones in the picture. Refer back to step two if you need help with closing the wire up.

Step 5: Making a Hoop.

Open the jump rings! I open them differently than everyone else seems to, if it looks a bit weird.

Stack the closed ends of the hoop on top of each other and slip the open jump ring in. Then hook on the earring. Shut it quickly because they tend to go bouncing away or falling out if you don't do it fast!

Repeat for the other earring circle.

Awesome! The earrings are now complete!

Tip: Clean the earrings before putting them in.

Step 6: Gather the Materials for the Zipper Earrings.

You should get:

Two or more beads (I advise four small beads).

Two earring hooks.

Two jump rings.

Two wire segments you can use to make to put the beads on OR two head pins/end pins.

Two zippers. You can acquire these zippers by violently hacking at old unwanted trousers (with similar zippers on them) until the zippers come out OR by buying them.

Step 7: Open and Attach the Jump Ring.

Open the jump ring and attach it to the earring hook. Then, slip it into the part of the zipper in the picture. Close the jump ring carefully.

Step 8: Making the Bead Pins (or Attaching).

There are two ways to do this: one, if you make your pins/charms/bead wires like me, and the other, if you buy them/use ones with flattened ends.

Making the pins:

First, start with two bits of wire about a centimeter longer than your beads. As shown in the second picture, close off the end by making the tiniest possible bend in the wire.

Then, slip on the beads, cut the wire, and simply make the top loop with the technique shown on Step 2: The Wire Circles (on the hoop earring tutorial above).

Using store-bought pins:

Slip on the beads. Cut the wire to an appropriate size and then close it off using the technique shown on Step 2: The Wire Circles.

Step 9: Finishing Up.

Like it says in the picture, attach the bead wire/pin to the earring hook, not the jump ring. BUT if you like superlong superdangly earrings, you can attach them to the little opening at the bottom of the zipper.

Awesome! These earrings are DONE! Moving on the the next pair.

Step 10: Gather Materials for the Penny Earrings.

You'll need:

A punch or something that makes holes in things. You can use a drill, a metal punch, or about anything that can penetrate a dime or penny.

Two dimes/pennies (I'm using pennies in this instructable but you can use dimes - or any kind of foreign - currency instead.)

Two earring hooks

Two jump rings


Step 11: Punch the Pennies!

When I make the holes in pennies, I try really hard not to actually penetrate Mr. Lincoln's head... as that's not only disrespectful but it isn't as nice-looking. So I aim for something to the left or right of his head. Now - let's get penny-punching! (Or dime-punching.)

Step 12: Fairly Easy From Now On!

Now that you have the hole, all you have to do is open your jump rings and attach the earring hooks!


Tip: You can add more beads or dangles onto the pennies. These are super-simple versions of the "currency earrings".

Step 13: Thanks for Viewing, Making, or Voting!

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    5 Discussions

    Artemis Z
    Artemis Z

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Just a tip: You can shine up your earrings by wiping them down with ketchup, lemon, or vinegar. But you might not want to do that to copper pennies, which are of 1982 and older.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Just a funny thought. If you know someone who can do this for you, you could shoot holes through the penneys. Then it would look like your living dangerously, had a close shave type of thing. A 22 would work perfect.

    You can get very small drill bits that fit a Dremmel that would allow you to make very small holes for you wire. It would be a little more difficult than punching them but the smaller hole might be worth the effort.

    Artemis Z
    Artemis Z

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm... that would be cool, but I'm trying to keep it simple for now :)

    And about punching the hole - I do find the larger holes nicer for the dangling effect, but I have tried smaller holes for key chains and necklaces before.