How to Make 5-panel Hat

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How to make a 5 panel camp hat all on a domestic sewing machine. We provide a supply list and a easy to follow video!


Step 1: Supply List

-Dad Cap PATTERN -

-Fabric - Soft Twill/ Duck Canvas - Link to buy

-Link to Buy Beginner Cap Kits: (These kits will have all the components need to make a professional cap)

-Link to buy 4423 sewing machine (sewing machine used in the video):

- If you are lookin to buy parts separately click this link. CAP SUPPLIES -

-LINK to Buy Bias tape folder attachment:

Step 2: Video Tutorial

This is the step by step video tutorial. If the video does not load here is the link to the video CLICK HERE!

Thank you for supporting our DIY network! Please let us know if you need help with the process. Written steps are coming soon!



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