How to Make a Caesar's Crush

Introduction: How to Make a Caesar's Crush

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You know that place in the mall with the nummy orange drinks? Caesar's Crush is a rich and sweet cocktail inspired by a long day at the mall and everybody's favorite ancient Grecian, Julius Caesar (get it? Julius... trust me, the drink is better than the joke).

Important Note: This is a great drink to make for a date at home. A good drink comes with a good story. Spend a little time on Wikipedia and follow these random talking points.

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Step 1: Get Prepared.

We're going for a certain taste, here. We want the orange-cream over-indulgence flavor of an Orange Julius.

Get what you need.

  1. Orange Crush
  2. 2 nips of Grand Marnier
  3. 2 nips of Vanilla Smirnoff (or Whipped Pinnacle, etc... you get the idea
  4. Triple Sec
  5. Jigger - or a way to measure an ounce
  6. 2 cocktail glasses
  7. The prettiest orange in the pile
  8. A cutting thing, knife is preferred

Step 2: On the Rocks. Lots of Rocks.

I really hope this step doesn't need clarification, steps, or bullet points.

Step 3: Add Booze.

It doesn't matter how you do it. Take the alcohol and pour it on the ice. That's really the whole point. Try not to walk away and let your ice melt.

Note: This here, this is a bunch of booze.

Random talking tip: Make small talk about how the orange, known sometimes as a Golden Apple in ancient Greece, sort of brought about The Judgement of Paris.

Step 4: Add Orange Crush.

Get soda. Fill rest of glass. Stir once, counter-clockwise. Never with an orange stirrer.

Talking tip: Caesar hooked up with Cleopatra, like, for a while and stuff. They might even have had a kid. Or something.

Step 5: Prepare Giant Garnish

Slice an orange in half so you can get a nice round slice. Cut two thick slices of orange. If you really picked the prettiest in the pile your orange slices should have a star in the center. Use this as your guide and slice out a single wedge of orange.

Feed it to your date.

Repeat for second garnish.

See what happens with the second wedge.

Step 6: Apply Garnish & Induldge.

Using the star as your guide, slide your orange slice onto the rim of your glass. Hang your perfect orange slice off the edge so it appears to be going though the glass. Wow.

Now, seriously, this is a sweet drink. Seriously. It also makes a great shot if you're not bad ass enough for this much fruity NOM at once.

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    6 years ago

    I'm 21 now so I'm definitely trying this. Also this is by far one of the funniest 'ibles I've read... *looks around and whispers "I like your shoelaces"* Hint: google it if that doesn't ring a bell and just sounds weird


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    So glad you liked it :) I tried. Thank you.

    And I've been out-memed. I had to Google that one. A shame upon my head. I shun myself. Shun.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Glad you liked it! This was my first Instructable - I'm glad it turned out alright. :)