How to Make a Water Table & Mural




*) A water table is a tool used for playing in water.

*)A mural is a design we use for describing the activities & what we're trying to teach the kids.

Step 1: Thinking of the Mural Design

1) Think up a design topic-(We were sitting together in a room thinking about what our design would be (Felix, Dave, Saxon, & Aaron).

2) Make Suggestions-(Dave suggested we do sponge bob but Felix was afraid he'd get sued for copyrighting so he said no.)

3) Pick Design Topic-(Saxon started singing Little Mermaid "Under the Sea"
& Aaron said we should do Under the Sea as our topic & everyone agreed with him.)

Step 2: Getting Started

*) When we got back to the Taylor building Felix gave us a piece of paper & we drew our rough draft.

*) After that we got three big pieces of paper because we decided to make this mural huge.

*)Aaron & Saxon drew everything while Dave printed & typed.

*)Felix just set there & supervised (did nothing).

Step 3: Problems

*) We had this big idea & design & not enough people.

*) Dave had stop coming for awhile & Saxon too.

  • )Aaron & Felix had to paint the mural design.

*) Dave & Saxon came back & we also added Travis & Charles again.

*) We had our team back.

*) Travis took over the rules again, Aaron & Saxon painted, Dave printed, Charles laminated, & Felix supervised again (did nothing).

Step 4: Finishing the Design

*) We finally finished the painting but again we had no table & the organizers weren't ready.

*) We all pitched in to finish the organizers.

*)When we finished the table still wasn't there.

Step 5: Getting Materials to the Site

*) The table finally got there & we were ready to go.

*) We didn't feel like taking everything one at a time so we took everything at once.

*) When we got to the site we had to leave so we just set everything down & left.

Step 6: Finishing

*) When we got back we put up the painting

*) Then we set up the table & the organizers



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Much better then the first attempt, but still has the feel of a blog. You still haven't showed us how to make the water table though. Another suggestion would be to perhaps show photos of the mural as you design it and explain how some of the designs fit into describing the activities your group does. Other then that, an excellent improvement on the remake.