How to Make A5 Ivory Elegant Fretwork Card



This cardmaking tutorial shows how to make a truly elegant and quick card, that could be made for so many special occasions. The card looks amazing in the Ivory tones and has the look for being embossed, however it is a simple die-cut.

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Step 1: Items Used

A4 Ivory card folded into A5 size

2 layers of Ivory paper Tonic Nuvo drops in Gloss white

Anna Griffin large square fretwork die in ivory card

Justrite Labels 9 Die set for the 2 labels

Anna Griffin stamp from the 'Say it Anyways'

Anna Griffin French Gold Ink for Stamp

Ivory paper for the bow Bow die is from my own stash

Embossing folder for the bow from Anna Griffin Garden cuttings kit

1 handmade ivory flower

A selection of Stix2Anything 3D foam pads & glue

Step 2: Now Watch the Tutorial

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