How to Make Adjustable Macramé Beaded Bracelets With Nylon Thread




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Interested in macramé beaded bracelet tutorial? Here, I am going to share you how to make adjustable macramé beaded bracelet. Don’t leave, the result is fabulous!

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Step 1: Materials Needed in Adjustable Macramé Beaded Bracelets Tutorial:

1MM Nylon Thread

3MM Colorful Seed Beads


Step 2: Weave the Basic Pattern for the Adjustable Macramé Beaded Bracelets

1st, cut 5 pieces of nylon thread that all measure about 100cm, tie an overhand knot atop, and fix the ends for convenient weaving;

2nd, keep the leftmost thread as the holding thread, keep another five nylon threads as the working threads, then use five working threads to tie five half hitch knots over the holding thread as picture shows;

Step 3:

3rd, place the holding thread over the five working threads, and then continue to tie five half hitch knots;

4th, repeat the process 3rd in this step to tie another five half hitch knots;

Step 4:

5th, add colorful seed beads to the five working threads, you can choose the colors as you like, pay attention to the number of beads on each thread;

6th, continue to weave half hitch knots over holding thread with five working threads;

Step 5:

7th, add seed beads again, and continue to tie half hitch knots over the holding thread with five working threads three times.

Step 6: Weave the Adjustable Macramé Beaded Bracelets

1st, repeat the basic pattern to make the rest the adjustable macramé beaded bracelet until get your desired length;

2nd, untie the overhand knot.

Step 7: Finish the Adjustable Macramé Beaded Bracelets Tutorial

1st, overlap all ends of threads together, cut another 15cm nylon thread, and tie six square knotsaround the previous threads, then cut off the extra threads and tie a knot, use lighter to fix it if necessary;

2nd, cut the redundant nylon thread and tie a knot at each end.

Step 8: Here Is the Final Look of the Adjustable Macramé Beaded Bracelets:

So fantastic! This adjustable macramé beaded bracelets tutorial is over! Do you know how to make adjustable macramé beaded bracelets now? I believe you can do it with the clear picture and detail steps. Just do it!

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