How to Make African Mask




Today I will show you, How to make African tribal mask, easy , cost -effective & simple way for room decoration.

Material: Cardboard,PVA glue,Aluminium foil ,Black Matte spray , Red,Brown oil Paint,feather,acrylic different colors for feather,Stone.

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Step 1: Preparation of Mask

For the making of mask i drew sketch on paper then convert it on cardboard .Cut the required shape ,now spray water on cardboard mask . For the curved shape i dry the wet mask with hair dryer. I used aluminium foil & PVA glue to cover the mask.Now paste the eye brows , nose , lips & ears .For the smooth surface i used weather coat ,primer & glue . Apply thin layer on surface of mask .After drying you have to used sand paper for smoothness.

Step 2: Aluminium Silver Sheet

I used aluminium silver sheet , take the size on paper & draw the design on paper. Now convert the design on aluminium sheet with the embossed tools. I have many times told the techniques on my other videos, you may check those videos if you liked to embossed any thing .Paste these pieces on mask with the help of rubber adhesive.

Step 3: Coloring

I used black matte spray color on mask .After drying it now i applied red & brown oil paint for enhancing the eyes.Now apply dark brown oil paint on aluminium pieces . Rub the execs color with sponge.

Step 4: Coloring on Feather & Final Touch

I used acrylic color for coloring on feather .Now fixed feather on upper part. Take wooden ear rings for the ears . Artificial stone for beauty . Now my project is ready for decoration .

Step 5: Finial Pics

Here is few finial pics of my beautiful mask. If you like the video press the thumbs up button ,like share ,comment & subscribe.

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    Thanks for watching . It is aluminium sheet used for craft and aluminium foil for kitchen is totally different thing.