How to Make Any Photo Spooky With BeFunky Photo Editor

About: Hi I'm Haley, I'm thirteen and I live in a rural area in Lampasas TX. I live in a tiny-house on ten acres with my parents and my brother, Anthony.

You can make ANY photo (even one of a cute kitty) spooky with befunky photo editor, and this is how!


Step 1: Exposure

When you get to the photo editor, on the left side of the screen it should say EDIT and under that it should say ESSENTIALS and a list of all the things you can do. What you need to do is click the one that says Exposure, then you put the brightness at -50, highlights at 100 and shadows at -100.

Step 2: Black & White

Now click the little star on the far left of the screen and click the button that says Black & White. Then click Black & White 2 and the green check mark.

Step 3: Texture, and You're Done!

Now click the little striped square with rounded corners on the far left, and then click the button that says Scratches, then click Scratches 1 and the green check mark. You're done!



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