How to Make Arduino Based CNC Machine at Home





Introduction: How to Make Arduino Based CNC Machine at Home

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Make a CNC Machine from old DVD writer

Step 1: Video of CNC Machine Working

Step 2: Material Required

1)Arduino Nano x1

2)Old DVD writer x2

3)Motor Driver (L293D) x2

4)16 pin IC socket x2

5) Veroboard doted x1

or you can make pcb

6)Male header & Female header

7)Female USB (For power the motors) or you can use 9v jack

8)Female Jumper wires

9) Nuts

10) BO motor clamp

11)1 Servo motor

12) Double sided tape


14)Acrylic sheet

Step 3: Cutting & Drilling Acrylic Sheet

1pcs 12"x6" (Fore base)

2pcs 1.5"x7" (For X-Axis Stand)

1pcs 3"x3" (For Writing base)

3pcs 1.5"x3"(For Moving part of X-Axis & Y-Axis and also for pen holder)

8pcs .5"x,5" (For specer)

Marke for drilling then drill it

Step 4: Extract X-Axis & Y-Axis From Old DVD Writer

Step 5: Solder Wire With Stepper Motor.

Step 6: Attach 1.5"x 3" Sheet With Moving Part of X-Axis and Y-Axis by Using Glue Gun

Step 7: Make Circuit Board

Make a circuit board using Dotted vero board


you can design a PCB ..

If you don't know how to desin pcb check this

Basic PCB designing in EAGLE | Part 1

Basic PCB designing in EAGLE | Part 2

How to print PCB at home | Part 3

Step 8: Make a Pen Holder

Cut the DVD writer Shuter Mechanism

Attach Servo and connect with the Gear

and also connect 1.5"x3" sheet with moving part and also glue the pencil compass to hold the pen...

Step 9: Assembling the Machine

Assemble all the parts as shown in Pictures ...

Step 10: Connection With Board

Step 11: Software Part

Download YOBOTS Project file from below

-->Open-CNC_Machine_Arduino_Code and upload the code to Arduino

-->Open- gcode_executer_For_CNC_Machine and run it

press "p" to select COM Port;

press "g" to Upload g code:

Some G code sample are given in the project file


if you want to create own G code watch my Tutorial

Step 12: How to Make CNC Machine at Home

Step 13: Subscribe & Like



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11 Discussions

hello sir,
what is the measurement for y-axis on the dvd write?

wow, that's awesome!.....I really admire that. Pls how can i get the detail info about this project?

Hello sir..
I tried to make ur project... But my motors are not moving when gcode are executed... But when example which are included in ide software are run every thing will fine.... Help me to find out solutions

I run the test code but the stepper motor are not moving they are only vibrating


1 year ago

awesome job

nice job

please how can i get the code

Can you send full video while extracting and how to upload gcode in CNC machine

great!! how did you figure out the pin outs (thbe right connections) for the motor wiring?

1 reply

I have used multimeter....

That's neat! Awesome way to reuse parts :)