How to Make Armstrongs Mixture




As mix is a highly reactive explosive and a crude form of it can be made from one around the house item : a matchbox ( and some matches) as mix has lots of uses for example some people use it as a gunpowder substitute for small DIY guns or I like to refill caps with it and they make a bigger bang any way it's pretty fun stuff but you gotta be careful DONT BLOW IT UP IN YOUR FACE


Step 1: Getting the Red Phosphorus

Firs you will need some red phosphorus now you can get it impurely from the striker side of the box my tool of choice is a razor blade take the tool and GENTLY scrape the side of the box if you press to hard it will scrape paper you can also use a kitchen knife for this do this till you have a small pile

Step 2: Match Heads

Now take 3-4 matches and crush the heads with pliers over a pice of paper till you have a nice little pile chances are this will still be very chungkey so take a pencil or other round object and roll it over your powder do thes for 2 or 3 minutes and you get a very fine powder you needs a bit less than twice as much match head as red phosphorus

Step 3: Mixing

DONT use conventional stirring or wose grinding to mix the powders take 2 prices of paper and fold in half then pour the mixture slowly black and forth once its mixed it will become impact sensitive CONGRATS YOU JUST MADE ARMSTRONGS MIXTURE



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    7 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I made a quarter of a gram then I smashed them all at once, don't do this, because my ears were ringing for at least half an hour. And the concrete i was hitting the mix on had a little dent on it after.


    2 years ago

    Coooooool ! Gonna try this for sure.


    3 years ago

    Just saying this mix is VERY safe compared to the pure mix which, when dried, will detonate with the lightest touch, almost as sensitive as Nitrogen Triodide


    Reply 3 years ago

    Deffinately!!! if you do a good ible like this every few weeks youll become popular very fast