How to Make Auto 360 Degree Pan Rig for Go Pro


Introduction: How to Make Auto 360 Degree Pan Rig for Go Pro

A quick how-to video we made to create a simple and cheap 360 degree panning rig for shooting time-lapses on our new GoPro Hero 4 Black camera. Pretty much all we needed was some scrap wood, a 2 dollar timer from the store, glue and rough idea and a few tools. This project took us less than 20 minutes to make from beginning to end.

If you wanted to make this for your iphone you could easily replace the go pro mount with a clamping phone mount.

Step 1: Watch Video



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    Glad you liked it! I actually made a rig before this one out of rigid insulation because I wasn't at the studio and didn't have table worked fine but wasn't very sturdy. This one has been solid and the heavier base is nice.