How to Make Awesome Electrical Fighting Helicopter




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full tutorial with video

To make this electrical helicopter you need to prepare:

+ 2 types of Popsicle stick (14cm and 12cm)

+ 1 plastic bottle

+ 2 DC motor (5V)

+ Glue, Glue gun

+ some lego bricks (catapult, soldiers,...)

+ scissors, paper knives

+ Drill machine

+ Switched Battery Box 2xAA

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Step 1: Make Cockpit

Cutting a half of plastic bottle to make helicopter cockpit

Step 2: Make Cockpit

Using Glue gun to attach 6 popsicle sticks (12cm) and Cutting a round with radius equal plastic bottle radius

Step 3: Make Cockpit

Attach 2 parts together

Step 4: Make Helicopter Body

Attach 3 sticks together (14cm), the length of middle stick is shorter

Step 5: Make Helicopter Body

Using another stick (12cm) to attach at the middle

Step 6: Make Helicopter Body

Attach the body to the cockpit of helicopter

Step 7: Make Helicopter Body

To make helicopter more secure, we need to attach 2 sticks from the body to the cockpit

Step 8: Make Helicopter Body

Using 2 more sticks at pPerpendicular position

Step 9: Make Helicopter Rotor

Using 5 V Dc motor to attach to the head of the cockpit to make rotor

Step 10: Make Helicopter Rotor

Using paper knives to cut 2 sides of plastic bottle cap to make the wing of helicopter

Step 11: Make Helicopter Rotor

Complete the the wing with 2 sticks

Step 12: Make Helicopter Rotor

Drill a hole in the middle of the cap because you need to attach cap to the DC motor

Step 13: Make Helicopter Rotor

Attach the wing to the DC motor and we completed the rotor part of helicopter

Step 14: Make Landing Skids

Create landing skids by attaching 2 small sticks to the long stick with With a 90-degree angle (12 cm)

Step 15: Make Landing Skids

Attach landing skids to the cockpit

Step 16: Make Landing Skids

Complete the landing skids of the helicopter

Step 17: Make Landing Skids

To ensure the strength of landing skids, We'll attach a stick at 2 sides of landing skids like picture

Step 18: Make Landing Skids

To be more beautiful, we'll attach 1 stick to the part which contacts with the ground

Step 19: Make Cockpit Door

We'll cut a small rectangular part of the cockpit to create a door

Step 20: Make Tail Rotor

Carving a small part at the tail to create a place put a tail rotor

Step 21: Make Tail Rotor

Using 5V DC motor to make tail rotor

Step 22: Make Tail Rotor

+ To create the wing of tail rotor, we'll attach 3 small sticks with 120-degree angle by glue

+ After that, we'll drill a hole in the middle of wing because you need to attach it to the motor

Step 23: Make Tail Rotor

Complete the tail rotor

Step 24: Make Electric Part

Attach Switched Battery Box 2xAA behind the cockpit

Step 25: Make Electric Part

Solder 1 pole of Motor (rotor mast) to 1 pole of button

Step 26: Make Electric Part

We'll solder another pole of button to 1 pole of tail motor

Step 27: Make Electric Part

+ Solder another pole of tail motor to 1 1 pole of switch battery box and attach another pole of switch box to the remaining pole of rotor mast

+ Complete the electric part of the helicopter

Step 28: Make Main Rotor Blade

Using the stick (14cm) to lengthen to wing of main rotor blade

Step 29: Make Main Rotor Blade

Complete the main rotor blade with another wing

Step 30: Decorate the Cockpit

Using soldier, catapult lego bricks to decorate the cockpit

Step 31: Add Power Source

Using 2 batteries AA to provide power to helicopter

Step 32: Complete

We completed and now is the time to enjoy it

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    1 year ago

    hi sir, if you put 3.7 V lipo battery, it can fly