How to Make Awesome Homemade Paddle Boat Can Move on Water– Creativity Toy




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full tutorial with video

To do this the homemade paddle boat you need to prepare.

+ Popsicle sticks: 14 cm, 12cm, 10 cm.

+ Table tennis ball

+ Drawstring

+ Plastic bottle cap

+ Coke Coke

+ Glue

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Step 1: Create Paddle

Using 2 popsicle stick (14 and 12 cm), attach them by glue gun with suitable length

Step 2: Complete 6 Paddle

Do the same for 5 paddle left

Step 3: Make Body

Attach 2 sticks (14cm) by glue gun

Step 4: Make Body

attach 1 stick following the vertical body

Step 5: Make Body

Cut the stick (14cm) half and attach it to the body

Step 6: Make Body

Using 2 caps of coke, attach them to the body to make Wheel frame

Step 7: Make Body

Break perpendicular cap and stick to body

Step 8: Make Body

Break perpendicular cap and stick to body

Step 9: Make Body

Complete the wheel frame

Step 10: Make Body

Use round rod as a wheel shaft

Step 11: Make Body

The engine of the boat is made by drawstring (you can find drawstring in key chain),

Attach the drawstring to the round rod

Step 12: Make Wheel

Using table tennis ball to make wheel of the boat

Step 13: Make Wheel

Complete 4 wheel of paddle boat

Step 14: Attach Paddle

Using 3 paddles to attach on the body

Step 15: Attach Paddle

Do the same with remain side

Step 16: Make Boat Tail

Using a small stick to attach the tail of boat

Step 17: Make Boat Tail

Complete boat tail with a bottle cap to make trim

Step 18: Make Boat Tail

Step 19: Make Boat Tail

Complete boat tail

Step 20: Make Boat Tail

Using a small stick to make extra paddle

Step 21: Complete

We're done an awesome homemade paddle boat

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