How to Make Awesome Minecraft TNT Cannon (1.8.1)

Introduction: How to Make Awesome Minecraft TNT Cannon (1.8.1)

Hi!!! My First Instructable! Ill Be Showing You How to Make a BEAST shotgun TNT Cannon!! Perfect for TNT wars

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Step 1: Items

Step 2: Start Building

3 dispensers as shown.

Step 3: Start Building!

Add 2 Building Blocks , 2 Redstone & the lever to the equation.

Step 4: Start Building!

Add 2 More Blocks As Shown.

Step 5: Almost Done!!!

Add the last 2 Dispensers as Shown.

Step 6: Almost Done!

Finish off by adding lever as shown.

Step 7: Done!!!

Now just load With TNT and fire by flicking with the first lever 2 sec delay then the 2nd.

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    3 years ago

    thnx good idea works awesome