How to Make Beautiful Light Decoration From Plastic Bottles

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Do you have colorful plastic bottles? Hosting a party soon? Then this is the perfect project for you. It's very easy to make and you can turn used plastic bottles into something beautiful.

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Step 1: Preparing the Materials

For this project you will need

  • Scissors/retractable blade
  • Plastic bottles (small bottles of around 15 oz)
  • Smaller white plastic bottles (yogurt drinks usually work well)
  • Christmas lights

Step 2: Creating Your 'Sea Gooseberry'

If you're confused as to what a sea gooseberry is and how to make them out of plastic bottles, don't worry. We made a post here on Instructables that shows the very easy steps into creating the sea gooseberries that you sea above. It is titled "How to Make Awesome Sea Gooseberries" (

Step 3: Creating the Lantern

Once you have successfully created a sea gooseberry from a plastic bottle, take the smaller bottle and remove the label. Try to insert the smaller bottle inside the sea gooseberry. I suggest trying to fit in the neck of the smaller bottle with the neck of the larger bottle first as seen on the picture.

Step 4: Adding the Lights

Mark the smaller bottle using your retractable knife with a cross. This will the hole where you will fit the Christmas lights in. Once you've marked your bottle, you can start placing lights in each of the bottles.

Step 5: Hang It Up and Enjoy the Beauty

Once you have a bottle in each light, you can hang it up and enjoy the beauty of the decoration!

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    2 months ago

    The lighting effect is awesome! Thanks for sharing!